What type of traveler are you?

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The travel fever has been getting higher and higher in recent years and now it can finally be alleviated. But now it comes to the agony of choice – where to go?

Problems with the selection of a destination

In particular, travel in the EU area has quickly returned to normal, and therefore many now want to go abroad again to see and experience new things. However, there are an infinite number of destinations and each passenger has his own personal preferences. To help you choose, we have compiled a list about the different types of travel, along with suggestions about the most suitable destinations in each case. Find out in the following which type of traveler you are and which destination could fit to you.

The 100% vacationer – head off, vacation mode on

Once the vacation begins, this type of traveler leaves the calendar and responsibilities at home and hands the reins over to someone else. Since every step of the vacation has already been booked in advance, you only need to go to the airport, where the tour operator will take care of the rest. The 100% – vacationer books for its foreign vacation often a package vacation, often with all-inclusive package. This is also the perfect vacation for this type of traveler, for whom relaxation means being able to concentrate on oneself and not having to stress about planning. Boredom does not occur – with enough sightseeing and other activities all planned in advance, fun is guaranteed. A trip to spain or greece is the classic for this type of vacationer, but we have some other ideas.

Try one of the following destinations:

  • Split, croatia – beaches, national parks and city feeling at a fraction of the price
  • Budapest, hungary – city breaks and wellness.
  • Grenoble, france – all-inclusive vacation in the french alps, you can hardly get closer to the sun

The foodie – from local breweries to michelin restaurants

No money is counted during summer vacations. After all, every single cent is spent on your own well-being. This vacationer chooses their destination based on the amenities it can offer. It does not have to be luxury hotels or michelin restaurants, but the ratings must be top notch to satisfy you. The destination should have at least one local brewery, a wine bar and some good restaurants. For accommodation, a boutique hotel is ideal, where you can relax in quiet surroundings ideally. Plus points for the destination are given for various wellness facilities. For the gourmet vacationer, who often chooses italy or france, we have more suggestions here:

  • Hamburg, germany – breweries and cafes in big city style
  • epernay, france – champagne in restaurants with a breathtaking view
  • Porto, portugal – the home of port wine with trendy restaurants in a maritime setting

The culture lover – between history and wineries

Checklist for the trip: opera, ballet, wine cellars, historic monuments. These are all things that are high on the priority list for the culture lover. Even before they arrive, they know where the nearest gallery is and who is directing the hottest theater show in town. This type of vacationer doesn't necessarily need to go to a city – a winery or historical site is at least as interesting. The point of such a vacation is to see art and experience the culture of the destination firsthand. Recreation means for the culture lover to feel all impressions and to be inspired. Typical destinations for the culture lover are france or italy.

However, we recommend that you also consider the following destinations:

  • Krakow, poland – a UNESCO world heritage city
  • Florence, italy – the capital of the province of tuscany, like a museum in itself
  • Salamanca, spain – get up close and personal with history in the cultural center of spain

The explorer – with a one-way ticket to the world

What is the best backpack for traveling? How to shorten your packing list? If you regularly ask yourself these questions when preparing your trip, you probably belong to the explorer type of traveler. Surely you have saved up all the vacation days for your trip so that you can see and experience as much as possible on your trip. You might even buy a one-way ticket because you don't know where you're going next. The explorer's vacation plans are not set in stone, but often change spontaneously, for example when other backpackers inspire them to visit new destinations. It's important to start with a destination, which is easily accessible, and then be spontaneous and open to new experiences and adventures.

Why not try the following destinations:

  • Ljubljana, slovenia – a great city with quick access to the adriatic sea.
  • Cologne, germany – a great trip can also start in your own country, with excellent connections u.A. To the benelux countries
  • Valencia, spain – everything in one place: sea, mountains and city life.

The party animal – music, people and nightlife

Packing the best club wear and the coolest sunglasses. The party vacationer craves the socializing and music at the center of it all. It doesn't matter if it's the hippest cocktail bar in town, the cheapest beer or a beach party, the vacationer will experience their destination mostly at night. Accordingly, this is rarely a family vacation. During the day, vacationers can then head to the coolest brunch in town with newfound friends. The location is secondary for this type of vacation, it's about the atmosphere and being able to tell funny stories in the end. Party vacationers often travel to bulgaria or summer festivals.

However, the following destinations can also be interesting:

  • Rimini, italy – a seaside city with vibrant nightlife
  • Paris, france – everything you could ever want from a big city
  • Prague, czech republic – fantastic beers at brilliant prices

The wanderer – cell phone off and go

Do you want to get away from screens on vacation and instead prefer to look at horizons? Then they are probably a wanderer. The less human contact you have, the more relaxing the vacation is for them. The walking shoes or even the sailing boat come into play. You might also take your dog with you on vacation, as a furry friend makes the perfect company. However, hikers don't always have to exhaust themselves; meditation or nature retreats away from the daily grind can also help them fully recover. A vacation in norway, austria or portugal is a favorite for this type of vacation.

However, we also recommend the following places:

  • Salzburg, austria – the gateway to the austrian alps and mountain lakes
  • Piran, slovenia – a small fishing town right by the sea and with many national parks
  • Harz mountains, germany – you don't have to go far to be enchanted by breathtaking hiking trails

Will your vacation budget be sufficient?

Regardless of which type of traveler you belong to, or even if you are a mix of several, it can be difficult to travel if you don't have the financial means to do so. If you're one of those people who doesn't have a yacht for a sailing trip through greece, a caravan for a european tour, or a beach house in spain, you'll need to calculate your vacation budget a little more carefully when planning a trip. Nevertheless, a vacation includes experiencing new things and having new experiences. It's best to save up in advance to supplement your travel budget. However, life doesn't always go according to plan, which means that this is not always possible. If you're considering taking out a loan for your vacation, be sure to do a loan comparison to find the best terms for you. Moneezy's loan comparison service will help you with this, where you can compare loans completely free of charge.