What does a master automotive technician do?

But you can achieve even more by attending a master craftsman's training school for motor vehicles. There then beside the deepening of the knowledge in kfz technology also economical contents absolutely form a focus. A special challenge is the guidance of apprentices for whom the motor vehicle foreman takes responsibility. With the master craftsman's certificate you have the possibility to open your own automotive business and to train apprentices in it.

Motor vehicle foreman tasks and motor vehicle foreman activities

The requirements for becoming a master craftsman and earning a master craftsman's salary include, if possible, a professional career in which you have already acquired extensive knowledge in the large field of vehicle repairs. Below we go into detail about the job description of a master automotive technician, but also about the earnings of a master automotive technician.

The earnings of a master mechanic are not only about money, but also about great sympathy of the customers, because you are often the helper in the emergency, because if the car is on strike, all daily plans can no longer be fulfilled. But the tasks of a master mechanic do not only include vehicle repairs, but also customer service, cost calculation and last but not least the training of apprentices.

When you become a motor vehicle foreman, your correct job title is "motor vehicle technician foreman". The prerequisites for becoming a master mechanic are a completed vocational training, for example as a bicycle mechanic or motor vehicle mechatronics technician, and several years of professional experience. If you can prove this, you can start the master craftsman training.

Kfz masters become often in already existing master enterprises or in free workshops as employees active or they make themselves independent with their own workshop, which requires however first larger investments with as much as possible own capital funds. No matter what you decide to do after your automotive technician training, automotive technician duties are multi-faceted and include, but are not limited to, these automotive technician activities:

  • Any kind of vehicle repairs
  • Organization of all appointments, if possible using a software solution
  • Equipping or retrofitting vehicles with additional modules
  • Planning and development of special technical solutions
  • Use of modern software for technical drawings and circuit diagrams
  • Creation of fault diagnoses and repair offers based on them
  • General customer service
  • Invoicing, company annual balance sheet, tax settlement with the tax office
  • Hiring and managing employees
  • Proposing and providing support to the skilled personnel for useful further training measures
  • Training apprentices and assisting them in preparing for exams

In larger companies, master craftsmen do not have to cover all of the above-mentioned areas with the same degree of intensity. The job description of the motor vehicle foreman provides for the possibility of specialization, for example, in the subject of accounting or training. The latter can also mean active participation in the examination committees of the motor vehicle guild.

Financial support for master car mechanic training

Often it is the companies themselves that have an interest in certain employees who have proven themselves well becoming master craftsmen and support this to the best of their ability so that they can then take on master craftsman tasks. In these cases, the future affiliation of the employee trained as a master craftsman to the company is usually contractually binding, so that the investment is worthwhile for the company. Independently of this, however, anyone can submit an application for meister-bafog.

Applications for meister-bafog are accepted by the municipal offices for training assistance. They also regularly check the required evidence of successful participation in the master training seminars, which are also the prerequisite for the continuation of financial support.

There is no age restriction for the meister-bafog. Depending on the prerequisites, up to 24 months are granted as part of full-time training, and even up to 48 months in the case of part-time training. In addition, a hardship clause provides for a one-time extension for a further year. However, the promotion by means of meister-bafog is on a loan basis. After the training has been completed, at least half of the loan must be repaid, but this is usually not so difficult with a master craftsman's salary.

The amount of the subsidy depends on various factors. This is how the trainee's income plays a decisive role. For a single trainee without children, the maximum rate is currently just under 700 euros. If you are married and have children to take care of, you will receive considerably more.

What are the differences to the workshop foreman??

The automotive workshop foreman is an executive employee in an automotive workshop. He is responsible for all work processes within the workshop. In the course of this, he is responsible, for example, for the distribution of all work among the employees, i.E. He plans the time schedule and monitors the activities that arise, often instructing employees in their work.

As with the job description of the motor vehicle foreman, the motor vehicle workshop foreman is also responsible for training the apprentices, although this is the job of the motor vehicle mechatronics technician. In addition, the procurement of spare parts and other materials is his task. The workshop foreman has direct contact with the customers, because he is responsible for the order acceptance and finally for the delivery of the repaired vehicle.

Thus, the workshop foreman motor vehicle can be found both in the independent motor vehicle workshop and in the contract workshop of the automotive industry, in the forwarding agency or in the bus company, which has its own workshop. The same applies to motor vehicle workshops of the police, the federal armed forces, the fire department, the municipal transport company or a public authority.

The salary depends very much on the degree of personnel responsibility, i.E. On the number of employees for whom you are responsible as a manager. By the way, it is hardly different with the salary of the automotive foreman. Experience shows that salaries in contract workshops are significantly higher than in independent workshops. In addition, the years of work experience always count. This also applies to the earnings of the master mechanic. On average, a garage foreman in germany currently earns just under 2.600 euros gross per month. However, salaries vary greatly from region to region; they are particularly high in baden-wurttemberg, for example.

You can apply for a position as an automotive workshop foreman if, for example, you have completed training as an automotive mechatronics technician. This takes three and a half years. Mechatronics is indeed a complex field, since the focus is on those parts of the car that affect, among other things, the electronically controlled sensors or circuitry, of which more and more is being installed in modern vehicles. This is accompanied by very rapid development, in which the mechatronics technician must always stay on the ball.

However, if you meet the requirements for master mechanic, you have a very good chance of applying for the position of workshop foreman. In the course of further training to become a master craftsman in the automotive trade, the subjects covered are:

  • Engine technology
  • Brake technology
  • Automotive electrics and electronics
  • Hydraulics
  • Materials science
  • Business administration
  • Employment law
  • Environmental protection

The training is completed with a practical and theoretical examination. Of course, a motor vehicle electrician or an agricultural machinery mechanic, for example, both of whom practice a "related" profession, can be retrained so that they are able to handle motor vehicle foreman tasks and motor vehicle foreman activities. Incidentally, the training companies attach great importance to internships that are completed before the start of training or during retraining.

Job offers for workshop foremen kfz are to be found with the federal agency for work, in addition, with the different job exchanges rather rarely. The reason for this is probably to be found in the fact that companies often try to recruit their personnel for this in-house, for which they use the opportunities for further training of their employees. On the other hand, there are plenty of jobs for automotive mechatronics technicians to be found.


Successful completion of the automotive mechanic profession is one of the most important automotive master craftsman requirements and should definitely be used as a stepping stone to further education to become an automotive master craftsman. To ensure that this step can be realized by everyone, regardless of their age, the meister-bafog was created as a measure to provide equal opportunities.

The job description of the automotive master craftsman is extraordinarily versatile, so that specializations are even desired within it. In addition, the salary of a master craftsman is lucrative, especially if you are considering starting your own workshop, which the title of master craftsman entitles you to do. It also enables the training of apprentices, which hopefully is close to the heart of every master craftsman. The title of master craftsman also entitles you to attend further educational institutions, which means that you also obtain the general university entrance qualification and can, if you wish, also study at a college or university of applied sciences, regardless of your age.