The sad truth in the “promised land”

Princess Inyang Okokon stands up for the trafficked girls. However, she is still afraid of the traffickers

"I repeated to the yuyu priest: 'if I don't pay back the money, I'll die,'" says victory (18). Two years earlier, she had come to italy from nigeria, alone, following the promise that she had a secure future in europe. But the young woman was forcibly prostituted. The money for the "crossing" she would have to pay off, she was told. Like victory, countless nigerian women every year are lured to europe by human traffickers and put under such psychological pressure that they dare not flee their tormentors.

The documentary "fatal promises," now showing on german television, exposes the modus operandi of human traffickers. Through the film accompany thereby among other things a german investigator, an italian public prosecutor and a nigerian social worker.

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An oath with chicken blood commits the girls

Author chiara sambuchi tells of the monstrous machinations of mafia gangs in detailed, unagitated images. Princess inyang okokon, a mother of two who was herself forced into prostitution until she managed to escape. Today, she helps trafficked girls in italy get out and take the big step into self-employment, including with a micro-loan from the cooperative she founded. She also travels to her home country and tries to educate the population about what lies behind the traffickers' tempting offers.

"There were 18 of us at home," recalls victory. "It was very difficult, and I just wanted to get away." It was easy for the criminals to get away with it. The frequently used "yuyu ritual" also ensured obedience out of fear for the then 16-year-old girl. "I was splashed with the blood of a chicken and had to repeat to the priest that I would die if I tried to escape. It was disgusting." A yuyu priest whom princess visits knows about the fate of the girls who are brought to him. "If there were only one way to convince them that the oath can not harm them. I pray for her," he says simply.

Plenty of customers in the red light milieu

In the film, duisburg investigator colin B also reports on the yuyu ritual. Nierenz from the investigative commission "aid", who can be seen again and again at his work and explains the background of the machinations. "With the spirit spell, women have been required to pay off their debts and be obedient to the people who take care of them here. This is what made an incredible impression on these young women."The police officer is shocked that there are apparently plenty of customers for the defenseless african women in duisburg's red-light district. From one of the victims it discloses the finances and calculates that with the average earnings of 30 euro per "verrichtung" the woman had to be active in the week approximately 66 times. The captured money is often smuggled back to nigeria and invested in real estate there.

The italian public prosecutor lina trovato also has her say again and again in the film. Among other things, she can be seen at a court hearing against a so-called "madame", as the supervisors of forced prostitutes are called. Like the german investigator, it shares insights into the status of the investigation. In addition, there are recorded telephone conversations with the perpetrators as well as with the victims and their families, which illustrate the different points of view. – "fateful promises" is an informative film worth seeing, which does without showmanship and still draws attention to moving fates.