The new conservatory: planning, implementation & loan financing

A garden of your own is beautiful, but also means a lot of work. Many people do not actually enjoy it and therefore rely primarily on a beautiful terrace to enjoy the evening after work or to celebrate with friends.

Unfortunately, despite (or mainly because of) climate change, the weather in germany is anything but stable. If one is lucky enough to have a covered terrace, it is nevertheless often far too cold to enjoy long evenings outdoors, often despite the use of a patio heater!

The solution is a winter garden. Here a distinction can be made between a cold conservatory and a warm conservatory. Here we would like to go not only into the differences, but also explain the complete planning, financing and options for implementation.

Before the loan application is the exact planning

Even if the talented do-it-yourselfer carries out the complete construction himself, a winter garden will cost quite a bit. By the comparison of different credits the garden lover can save however additionally some.

But before that it is important to get a really realistic estimate of the total cost, so that you do not run out of money in the middle of construction.

When it comes to choosing a location, many property owners are limited because there isn't open space on every side of the house or access to the new residence is through a specific room. Who however the choice has, should ask itself some questions.

Winter garden

The most important thing is what the conservatory will be used for:

  • If it is about a sunny breakfast on the weekend, the cultivation in the east would be advisable. So already the first rays of sunshine in the morning can make the start of the day easier.
  • Who would rather enjoy his closing time on the "winter terrace", could orient itself rather toward the west.
  • A cold conservatory is not heated separately. If it is in the shade, it will be rather uncomfortable. In this case, a southern location is definitely the best option. But be careful: here you should definitely attach importance to a sufficient possibility of shading. In direct sunlight, the room (especially in summer) can heat up extremely.
  • If, due to external conditions, only a north-facing position is possible, then a warm or living conservatory (i.E. With heating) should be planned. Even if the sun in winter can of course warm the room by a few degrees, it is not enough for many to really enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet. Therefore, heated conservatories are usually more popular.

The exact determination of the total costs

To determine how big the budget needs to be, it is important to really consider all costs. This already starts with the preparation of the substrate:

  • Must be removed here perhaps still soil?
  • Exists in the federal state possibly even a permit obligation?

In that case, certain specifications may have to be met. This information can be obtained from the relevant office.

The floor of the conservatory should, similar to any other extension, have a reasonable foundation and appropriate waterproofing to the bottom. The federal association winter garden published on its internet sides extensive information in addition.

In principle it is free to each do-it-yourselfer whether a kit is used or rather everything is to be planned and built completely by oneself. A kit has the advantage that with the offerer a complete price can be agreed upon and so no bad surprises lurk.

Who would like to plan itself, must consider much. Cooperation with an architect is advisable here. Also a structural engineer should look at the plans and actively participate. A conservatory is no small matter and depending on the materials used, the roof and walls can weigh quite a bit.

Winter garden construction expense

Also the installed glass panes must endure much, be it wind, heavy rain or hailstorms. If work is not done correctly here, the owner is also liable for damage to other people's property or even personal injury.

The total costs for a winter garden cannot be generalized. Too differently the requirements of the owners and too variously the possibilities are. So the question can be answered just as little as the question: "how much does a house cost??"But a new house does not get one for 30.000,- euro.

Equally clear is: for a new conservatory should be at least 10.000, – euro are planned. Although there are favorable kits already for under 4.000,- euro. But the necessary preparatory work and the construction of the foundation can easily swallow up an equally large sum of money.

Financing – why a loan can be useful

The advantage of financing through a loan is that it can be used immediately. Up to the necessary total sum is saved, some years go by. If one is to put on hand, this time can already make a large difference in the manpower.

Do-it-yourselfers know this: every year the work in the own home becomes more strenuous. The sooner the project is put into practice, the longer the new sun oasis can be enjoyed.

What applies to cars, televisions and conservatories is also important for loans: it pays to compare.

Who inquires only with its house bank, gets usually only one offer. Most customers have no desire or time to compare the conditions of the competitors. For this reason – and because the construction work is to begin as quickly as possible – the first offer that comes along is accepted immediately.

Winter garden example

Who would like to save time, can turn directly to a credit mediator. Also here a single inquiry is sufficient. However the result is a potpourri of different credit offers, from which the mediator selects the most suitable one for the customer.

But even if the money for the extension has actually already been saved, it can make sense to rely on a loan. On the one hand the money could bring in otherwise more net yield than for a credit would have to be paid, on the other hand still another reserve for possible additional costs is available in such a way.

If the money is not needed, the reserve can also be used for a beautiful and suitable furnishings. Because cheap, old plastic chairs do not exactly revaluate also the most beautiful winter garden.

Not a real winter garden, but an attractive alternative: the garden house

If no cultivation is possible, alternatively also a pavilion or a summer house can be placed in the midst of the own greenery. In the meantime, there are already many beautiful models with a lot of glass, which can at least exude the flair of a conservatory. Of course, it's a little more impractical, since to enter, you first have to leave the house entirely.

Garden house as an alternative to the winter garden

But for example for grill parties such a model is suitable also in the winter all times. If necessary, already existing garden houses can be upgraded enormously with the subsequent installation of additional windows. So even if the space is difficult, nothing stands in the way of the new indoor oasis.