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With our loan calculator you can easily and conveniently calculate a loan online. If you search the internet for an online loan, you will find a huge selection of different loan offers after just a few mouse clicks. But which offer should be selected with a credit desire? Our online loan calculator from kreditvergleich24.Com helps people looking for a loan to easily find the best offer with the lowest interest rate. But what is actually compared in a calculator? In which respect the hit list can be adapted to the individual defaults and desires of the borrower? The following article presents the loan calculator of kreditvergleich24.Com and goes into detail about how it works as well as numerous advantages.

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In the financial field, comparisons are highly recommended, because they help consumers to locate the cheapest and best offers in a particular category. For many years, for example, current account comparisons, insurance comparisons and investment comparisons have proven their worth. In addition, customers can use a loan comparison to find the most favorable banks with their respective offers. In principle, such a comparison of credit offers is transparent, usually free, but still some points to consider, so that actually the best offer can be located.

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In addition it is not done naturally with the pure comparison, because afterwards the credit-looking for would like to apply naturally also the selected credit. We therefore inform you in our great guide on the subject of credit comparison about what you should look out for when you want to compare credit offers. In addition, we provide you with information on what happens after the loan comparison, how to apply online and for which types of loans a comparison of the offers makes sense at all.

The credit calculator of kreditvergleich24 creates transparency

Many borrowers still select the "next best" offer, which was submitted to them as a rule by their house bank, when taking out a loan. Exactly on this speculate however house and classical branch banks, by it their loyal customers, who would not come on the idea of catching up a second offer of another bank, partly with clearly too high interest "fob off". However, a loan comparison with our loan calculator is a simple solution here, as borrowers can see through a comparison within a few seconds, which bank offers the best offer for the desired loan amount. An online comparison of credit offers provides valuable market transparency, which would be extremely time-consuming for consumers to obtain on their own.


The choice of banks and credit institutions that allow you to apply for a loan online is huge, which creates a lot of competition in the credit market. As a prospective borrower, you can also benefit, for example, from special conditions, which are offered from time to time by the individual banks. A short input into our online loan calculator is enough and already dozens of banks are compared with each other on a daily basis. Some of the banks are very well known, while other banks in our comparison calculator are rather unknown to consumers. However, these banks in particular often offer very attractive conditions and accept long loan terms, which is why the "colorful variety" of our loan comparison is a real enrichment.

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The comparison calculator of kreditvergleich24.Com offers numerous advantages to prospective borrowers, which ensure that consumers can save not only a great deal of time, but also money when selecting offers. Beyond that the on-line loan computer ensures by the short indication of credit-referred data (credit amount, term specification and intended purpose) for the fact that credit prospective customers receive an overview of possible credit offers, which fit also really to the respective project. Of course, the first look is always on the stated APR, since the interest rate on a loan provides the costs, which are now times most important to most consumers.

Uncomplicated online check with the credit calculator

As far as the APR is concerned, our online loan calculator takes into account all the items that must be included in a comparison of offers in accordance with the currently applicable price indication ordinance (pangv). With the results of our comparison prospective customers can be safe therefore that all cost-relevant data are considered, which is naturally an important criterion for the offer selection.

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Another advantage of our credit calculator is the fact that the large selection of available credit offers is comprehensively filtered by important credit-related parameters. In this regard, prospective borrowers have the option to search for loan amounts from 1.000.00 to 120.000.00 euros, choosing a credit period of 12 to 144 months. It is therefore anything but presumptuous to say that there is something suitable for every prospective borrower and every loan project in the results of our comparison calculator!

Credits cleverly compare with the credit computer of kreditvergleich24.Com

The use of our loan calculator is clever in several respects, especially since an interest rate difference of just 1.50% (example: loan offer A – 4.50% and loan offer B – 6.00%) during a loan term of several years can provide considerable cost savings. Since our kreditvergleich24 loan calculator also differentiates with regard to the "intended use", you also have the option as a prospective borrower to search for a "special loan". In banking jargon, the term "special loan" refers to loan agreements with a fixed purpose, which may also have to be proven by the borrower.

An example of a "special loan" with a fixed purpose is the car loan, which is offered by numerous banks at subsidized and lower interest rates (which is related to the fact that car financing is a very legitimate reason for borrowing from the bank's point of view).

In addition to a loan with a free purpose, prospective borrowers can use our calculator to obtain loan offers for housing, debt restructuring or for a commercial purpose. The specification of the intended purpose often makes itself felt in the form of "special interest rates", which is why you should use this feature of our online loan calculator's in any case, if the intended purpose is suitable.

Tips for borrowing

Who wants to take out a loan with our free loan calculator, which should adhere to the following tips, so that from the offer selection to the loan application everything runs smoothly. First of all it is important to know that all conditions, which are listed within the result list, are always dependent on a creditworthiness of the borrower which has to be proved.

This is also the reason why the conditions of the individual banks are always given in the form of an "interest margin", for example 2.48% to 4.88%. Once a suitable offer with favorable conditions has been identified, a direct loan request can be submitted to the respective lender by clicking the "next" button. This is important in order to receive a concrete offer from the respective bank, taking into account the personal data as well as the creditworthiness of the borrower.

If, for example, it now happens that the condition quoted by the credit institution is significantly higher than the interest rate in the hit list, there are various ways to positively influence the condition of the credit offer. First of all, the creditworthiness of a borrower increases as the ability to service the debt increases, which means that the addition of a second applicant or borrower always has a positive effect on the interest rate.

This is due to the fact that two people are liable for the repayment of the loan with their monthly income, which means that the risk of default is significantly lower. The addition of a guarantor can also have a positive effect on the interest rate of a loan. However, not all banks accept guarantees or alternative loan collateral, such as the assignment of existing savings.

What works in every case, however, is choosing a shorter loan term. With a shorter term, for example 36 instead of 60 months, the condition written down in the credit agreement is normally always more favorable. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the bank recovers the loan amount more quickly, and on the other hand, the risk of interest rate changes is naturally lower for the lender.