Robert kiyosaki net worth

Robert kiyosaki net worth is 80 million dollars. He is an american businessman and author.

Robert toru kiyosaki is an american businessman and author. Kiyosaki is the founder of rich global LLC and the rich dad company, a private financial education company that teaches people about personal finance and economics through books and videos.

Robert kiyosaki net worth

Robert kiyosaki has a net worth of $80 million. The book entitled "rich father, poor father" is a bestseller, and its author is none other than robert kiyosaki. The book is so famous because it reflects robert kiyosaki's unique view on money and the right way to earn a lot of it.

The company's main income comes from franchisees of rich dad seminars, which are conducted by independent individuals using kiyosaki's brand name for a fee. He is also the creator of the cash flow board and software games designed to educate adults and children about business and financial concepts

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Kiyosaki is the author of more than 26 books, including the self-published international book series on personal finance rich dad poor dad, which has been translated into 51 languages and sold more than 41 million copies worldwide. He has been criticized for advocating practices with questionable legality, considered a "get rich quick" philosophy. Kiyosaki is the subject of a class action lawsuit filed by attendees of his seminars and has been the subject of two investigative documentaries by CBC canada and WTAE USA. Kiyosaki's company, rich global LLC, filed for bankruptcy in 2012.

Early life and family

Robert toru kiyosaki was born in 1947 in hilo, then in the territory of hawaii. He was part of the yonsei generation of japanese americans and was the eldest son of ralph H. Kiyosaki (1919-1991), an academic educator, and marjorie O. Kiyosaki (1921-1971), a registered nurse.

Kiyosaki attended hilo high school and graduated in 1965. After that, most of the information about kiyosaki comes from speeches and lectures he gave about his life. According to kiyosaki, he was sponsored by senator daniel K. Inouye were nominated for the U.S. Naval academy and the U.S. Merchant marine academy nominees. He attended the united states merchant marine academy in new york and graduated as a deck officer in 1969 with a bachelor of science degree and was commissioned 2. Lt. Of the U.S. Marine corps promoted.

After graduating from college, kiyosaki took a job as a third mate in standard oil's tanker office. Kiyosaki quit after six months to join the marine corps, where he served in the vietnam war as a helicopter pilot in 1972 and was awarded an air medal.

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While in the military, kiyosaki enrolled in a two-year MBA program at the university of hawaii at hilo in 1973. In june 1974, he was honorably discharged from the marine corps.


In 1974, kiyosaki attended the erhard EST seminars, which he says changed his life.

In 1977, he founded a company called "rippers". The company launched the first nylon and velcro surfing wallets. Kiyosaki and his products have been featured in runner's world, gentleman's quarterly, success magazine, newsweek and playboy. The company eventually went bankrupt.

Kiyosaki took a job as a sales representative at xerox until june 1978.

Kiyosaki then founded a retail company that made T-shirts, hats, wallets and bags for heavy metal rock bands. The company went bankrupt in 1980.

In 1985, kiyosaki co-founded the excellerated learning institute, a company that teaches entrepreneurship, investment and social responsibility.

At this time, he married his second wife, kim, who had already invested in some real estate in phoenix. In 1994, kiyosaki sold the education company.

In 1992, kiyosaki published his first book, "if you want to be rich and happy, don't go to school". In his book, he encouraged parents not to send their children to college and instead go into the real estate business.

In 1997, kiyosaki founded cashflow technologies, inc. A business and financial education company, owning and operating the rich dad and cashflow brands.

Kiyosaki partnered with amway to promote his book. According to an interview with forbes, kiyosaki derives his main income from rich dad seminar franchisees

Business ventures and investments

Kiyosaki's earlier two companies for velcro surf bags and T-shirts went bankrupt. In an interview with CBC, kiyosaki described his books as advertisements for his high-priced seminars. In 2012, kiyosaki's company, rich global LLC, filed for bankruptcy and was ordered to pay nearly $24 million to the learning annex and its founder. He runs other external companies and investments.

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Kiyosaki operates through a number of companies that he owns in whole or in part, as well as through franchisee agreements with other companies that are allowed to use his name for a fee. This includes rich dad LLC, whitney information network, rich dad education and rich dad academy.

In addition to publishing several books on business and financial advice, kiyosaki also wrote the foreword to tom wheelwright's 2012 book tax-free wealth.

Kiyosaki's financial and business teachings focus on what he calls "financial literacy": the generation of passive income by focusing on business and investment opportunities, such as real estate investments, businesses, stocks, and commodities, with the goal of being able to live on such investments alone and thus achieve true financial independence. He has a number of authors and other "experts" he often cites as "rich dad advisors" on real estate investing, financial planning and tax avoidance.

Kiyosaki uses the term "assets" to mean things that put money in your pocket.

He says assets generate cash inflows, such as z.B. Stock dividends, rental income from real estate or income from companies.

It defines "liabilities" as things that take money out of one's pocket, such as e.B. Their own residence, consumer loans, car loans, credit card payments and student loans. Kiyosaki argues that financial leverage is crucial to getting rich, despite the risks associated with using leverage to achieve financial independence.

He stresses the importance of building assets first to fund one's liabilities, rather than saving cash or relying on a salary from a traditional job