Rip-offs on the internet: fraud in credit without schufa

Even before the days of the internet, there were rip-off artists who did business with the need of those who didn't own much anyway. Newspapers, magazines and flyers offered loans in a grandiose manner, which apparently never existed.

Since the internet age these dubious offers have now again noticeably increased, in all ranges – not alone in the financial sector.

There seems to be a whole armada of rip-off artists and ruined existences on the internet, who now smell the 'big money'. Internet – now a lawless space?

In debt forums or on relevant web pages many humans with financial problems meet, who look for experiences or suitable solutions. Due to permanent overindebtedness the economic situation is highly strained with an increasing number of consumers, loans and credits can be taken up under normal circumstances then usually with no bank more.

In hopeless situations, people accept any possibility, no matter how small, that seems to them to be a feasible solution to their problems. So to speak 'grasping at straws'. Although often the naivete of the victims (aren't we all grown-ups who should question the cocky promises of the swindlers (!!).

Crooked business with the need of others

In this way, these people quickly become gullible victims of rip-off artists and scammers who make fat profits from people in desperate life situations. Shameless and unscrupulous, the rip-off artists conduct their business by offering lists of 'top secret' lenders in case of emergency or special connections and relationships with 'credible loan brokers'. Nowadays, such rip-off artists trade in hidden identities and confidential data, promising incredibly profitable loans to people in need and ultimately cashing in on people who can't afford to lose money anyway.

But these "offers" are usually only profitable for the shady rip-off artist.

Can "anyone get a loan" be serious?

Often borrowers fall for advertisements and offers of windy loan sharks who, for example, unscrupulously offer "loans without schufa up to 100.000 euro", although loans (at the same time in such amounts) normally require the most stable financial circumstances. You will not get the loans from a swiss bank or from india or south africa.

Note: never fall for rip-off methods, such as promises of reimbursement for a 'very safe' credit without schufa, whereby the payment is only a formality and can be done within a few days. Remember that you can not obtain a loan without income. Intermediaries who promise you something else are scammers, charlatans and rip-off artists. Borrowed money must always be able to be paid back surely. Nobody will give you anything.

With hopeless overindebtedness no new credit take up!

Please be reasonable: if you are in a financially hopeless situation and are in debt up to your ears, no responsible bank will grant you a loan. In such cases, efficient and targeted debt counseling would be much more helpful. With good tips and, of course, not effortlessly, you can settle your debts and improve your own asset situation in the long term.

Keyword: consumer insolvency! The so-called consumer insolvency procedure, however, is associated with a firm will and iron savings.

– my credit tip: be reasonable

In the case of hopeless over-indebtedness, I advise you, as already mentioned above, to consider consumer insolvency. You can be debt-free after just a few years of keeping your money together. Also I, the already 'somewhat older' author of this article, did not always stand financially dazzlingly there in younger years. But unlike today, there was no consumer insolvency procedure in the past, which meant either paying off or being in debt for the next 30 years!

With iron savings, I managed to pay off my debt within a few years, so I got the 'title' back. The careless handling of credits was taboo from then on. Their thomas svensson, editor-in-chief.

Should your schufaauskunft only minor entries to reveal: quite important before taking out a 'cheap' loan is the comprehensive research. Spare no time and effort to inform yourself well about the promising credit broker. There are now many websites on the internet that keep lists of rip-off artists, scammers and ominous companies. The only worrying thing is that the number of dubious rip-off artists seems to be increasing rapidly. For this reason, you should definitely be very cautious and suspicious when looking for financial solutions.

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Probably also therefore one finds over bon credit – despite over 40-year old business existence – hardly opinions in forums, which reflect a negative feedback (!!).

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