Persona 5 royal: answers in the classroom 100%

This guide will give you answers to all your questions about the class, the midterm exams and also the final exams.


  • For ease of use, this guide is broken down by month.
  • A summary is provided at the end of the guide for a simplified view.
  • To achieve the maximum score in exams, knowledge must be at most rank 5: learned.


Q: tell me what the devil's dictionary defines as the hider factor in the progress of the human race.
A: rogue

Q: between A and B … Which line seems longer ..?
A: they are equal

Q: between music, theater, and chariot racing, which sport did nero win when he participated in the olympics??
A: all of them

Q: ann asks for help on what the phrase "my country right or wrong" is supposed to express?
A1: they undoubtedly support it
A2: you have the duty to correct it

Q: do you know the name of the phrase named after this number?
A: four-color set

Q1: first of all, the "miracle" part probably means ..?
A1: miracle

Q2: next the "friendly" part. This is probably ..
A2: child

Q3: yes, it must be. "Friendly" in your case means a child … Or at least a young man.
A3: A prodigy

Q: so what is the literal translation of the expression "femme fatale"??
A: deadly woman

Q: you know the period in which yoshitsune was active, don't you??
A: the heian period

Q1: which historical figure inspired the "favor of the judge"?
A1: minamoto no yoshitsune

Q2: yoshitune had a brother, right. Oh, I think his name was ..
A2: minamoto no yoritomo

Q3: but in the end, they came into conflict. And at the end, when they had to compete ..
A3: yoritomo has won

Q4: this is probably because people tend to sympathize less with people in power and more with ..
A4: the weak

Q1: which brain function is responsible for the phenomenon of seeing an illusion in this figure??
A1: cognition

Q2: which of the following cards can you draw without adjacent areas being the same color??
A2: both

Q1: name the book that defined the "male factor" as the main factor in the progress of the human race.
A1: the devil's dictionary

Q2: what character archetype refers to a mysterious and seductive woman, typically with ulterior motives?
A2: femme fatale

Q: what do we call the phenomenon where believing in the power of a treatment is enough to improve your condition?
A: the placebo effect

Q: which famous artist of the edo period is said to have moved over 100 times?
A: katsushika hokusai

Q: the golden ratio is 1:1.618, but do you know the silver cut?
A: 1:1.414

Q1: if we think about what these words have in common, maybe "syn" means ..
A1: together

Q2: and "aisthesis," doesn't it? It's a bit like the word aesthetics. I wonder if it means ..
A2: senses

Q3: so that means that the full word basically means ..
A3: senses come together

Q: do you know from which author leblanc borrowed?
Answer: arthur conan doyle

Q: do you know what peg-legged, parrot-wearing historical figure became the visual shorthand for pirates?
A: john silver

Q: what do you think is the name for the phenomenon??
A: the halo effect

Q: the red king crab is biologically related to the hermit crab. How is it different from a crab? Do you know?
A: the number of legs

Q: where does totalitarianism go one step further than authoritarianism?
A: control of public thinking

Q: what color do you think it takes (when you wash your hair with copper)?
A green

Q: which of paper bills and coins is issued by the government?
A: coins

Q: one of them contains minor metals, right?
Answer: smartphone

Q: now do you know what this woman's position was?
A: A pope

Q: which of these animals plays a role in an english idiom about the weather?
A: dogs

Q: what do you think is written on the back of this (shogi) piece??
A gold

Q: what is the meaning of the original chinese expression from which the name of these dumplings originated?
A: barbarian head

Q: two people are responsible for july and august having 31 days. Do you know who these people are?
A: julius and augustus

Q1: so tanabata is about gods crossing a starry sky to reunite once a year. It might have something to do with it . ?
A1: the milky way

Q2: traditional food
A2: soumens noodles

Q: do you know what shape it is?
A: A triangle

Q1: what is long-term memory, anyway?
A1: memories that last

Q2: mark mentioned something about the amount of memories you can store, right? Something like ..
A2: infinite

Q3: if you theoretically have infinite space for them … You could theoretically keep them for ..
A3: forever

Q: do you know what he did?
A: theft

Q1: if angle C is 28 degrees and angles A and D are 88 degrees, then what is the angle of B and E?
A1: 64 degrees

Q2: I think that came up in class. They were invented by the guy from the campus in romance of the three kingdoms, correct?
A2: zhuge liang

Q3: and they offered something to suppress the flow ..
A3: heads of the barbarians

Q4: this master strategist came up with the baozi
A4: to offer them instead of heads

Q1: what is the name and genus of this organism??
A1: red king crab (paralithodes)

Q2: what happened when the government issued paper and hard currency for the first time in japan??
A2: it caused confusion in the economy

Q1: what is the english equivalent of the norwegian phrase "raining witches"??
A1: it's raining cats and dogs

Q2: which of the following is another name for spikenard noodles, which are traditionally eaten in tanabata?
A2: demonic viscera


Q: each hand in this famous statue means something, but … Do you know what the one on the right represents?
A: prosperity

Q: do you know the name of this phenomenon where the second hand looks like it has stopped moving?
A: chronostasis

Q: what does a pawn store offer that a thrift store does not offer?
A: money loan as collateral

Q: what is one of the alleged origins for the expression "cat has your tongue?"
A: cats eat human tongues

Q: robot comes from a czech word … But where in europe is the czech republic located??
A: central europe

Q: how many white and black shapes are there on each soccer ball??
A: 20 white, 12 black

Q1: so "PVS," when you mistakenly think your phone is going off … What is the P?
A1: phantom

Q2: the next part is the V part. That is, it would be "phantom …" What?
A2: vibration

Q3: the last is the S. So, if we have "phantom vibrations" so far ..?
A3: syndrome

Q: but the fishermen of nagaragawa are actually civil servants too. So tell me which sector they belong to.
A: imperial household agency


Q: if we use "three watermelons in the sun" to visualize the size of a particular matter compared to that of the universe, what are the melons?
A: stars

Q: do you know who invented this instrument? (guillotine)
A: joseph-ignace-guillotine

Q: what name was most often attributed to form B?
A: bouba

Q1: if you count both black and white areas, how many total areas are there on a soccer?
A1: 32 surfaces

Q2: didn't the teacher say that the number of colors used to be different? Remember?
A2: it used to be monochrome

Q3: oh yes, I remember. I think she said that soccer games were played differently than they are today with …
A3: black and white image

Q1: who has used this device to carry out executions?
A1: charles-henri sanson

Q2: what is the reason that most people can not become a commercial fisherman of nagarasawa?
A2: it is a hereditary profession

Q1: what does "robota" mean, the etymological root of "robot"??
A1: slave labor

Q2: which of the following statements describes the density of stars in space?
A2: 3 bees all over europe

Q: now tell me the total number for each column in this magic square.
A: 15

Q: from a psychological point of view, what is the main reason why our memories can differ from reality?
A: memory error


Q: can you tell me the meaning of the word "wack" in thieves' cant?
A: A share of stolen goods

Q: hit is a hit, diamond is a gem, so what does a spade represent?
A: A sword

Q: tell me how old you have to be to listen in on a negotiation?
A: any age

Q: do you know why it is missing in the character for crow?
A: crow's eyes are hard to see

Q: I wonder. Do you know why voices sound so different on the phone?
A: because the voice is synthetic.

Q: tell me why this is so? (sun rises over mount fuji)
A: because of the high altitude

Q: he should be led through the city and punished in a very special way. How was he punished? (nezumi kozo)
A: his head was put on display

Q: do you know the name of this diagram? Your tip is "slugs" ..
A: cochleoid


Q1: choose the graph named after the chinese yoyo known as the diabolo.
A1: D.

Q2: he was a really famous thief in the edo period, right? How much money he stole in the end?
A2: over one billion yen

Q3: as a result, he was sentenced to …
A3: to have one's head shown

Q4: criminals, especially famous criminals, were mostly parades for ..
A4: A performance

Q1: which sequence of cards represents the holy grail?
A1: hearts

Q2: according to japanese court law, what can even a small child do in court??
A2: take part

Question 1: what country refers to a person who controls politics behind the scenes as the "prime minister in black"??
A1: japan

Q2: the japanese word "dokyuu" means "massive.". What english word inspired the initial "do" in dokyuu?
A2: dreadnought


Q1: what is this sentence about the shinto gods supposed to illustrate?
A1: how numerous they are

Q2: what is the sentence again? The question of how many gods there are in shinto?
A2: the eight million gods

Q: what do you think the fictional country "ihatov" is based on??
A: iwate

Q: what did the word terrible originally mean??
A: impressive

Q: do you know what she is stepping on?
A: A snake

Q1: what does it mean when describing a person? (sweet)
A1: kind-hearted

Q2: what would be the connotation of "salty" in this context??
A2: negative

Question 3: in light of this, "salty" probably means ..
A3: resentful

Q: how far has this study shown that personal happiness can spread?
A: to friends of friends of friends