Founding a private school | these are the hurdles you need to be aware of

Establish a private school | These are the hurdles you need to be aware of

Admittedly, founding a private school is not a classic path to self-employment. Most people who want to become their own boss, for example, start building an online business or develop products. The fact that so few people seriously consider founding a private school is partly due to the fact that the project is anything but easy. The requirements set by the state are strict and differ from state to state – and so many throw in the towel before they have reached their goal.

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Care leave and family care leave – reconciling care and work

Caring for loved ones and working at the same time can be difficult. Caregiver leave and family caregiver leave should help to reconcile this better. Employees who are caring for close relatives can take temporary full or partial leave to do so. Here you can learn more about the possible models.

At a glance

  • The care period is limited to a maximum of six months.
  • Family caregiver leave means that the caregiver continues to work at least 15 hours per week. The maximum duration is 24 months.
  • Caregiver leave and family caregiver leave can also be combined, but may not exceed a total of 24 months per close relative in need of care.
  • They enable family caregivers to be temporarily released from work in full or in part.
  • In acute care situations, employees have the right to be absent from work for up to ten working days in order to organize suitable care for a close relative in need of care or to ensure the provision of care during that time.
  • Anyone who claims caregiver leave or family caregiver leave can apply for an interest-free caregiver loan.

Caregiver leave and family caregiver leave: A gentleman goes for a walk with his mother. Both are laughing together

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Sinnvoll umschulden – when it makes sense to pay off a consumer loan

Credit is something completely normal today. If our grandparents still lived with the idea that you should only buy things when you have saved long enough for them, the changed monetary policy of the european central bank (ECB) in recent years has also led to a rethink in germany.

Because today it is cheaper than ever to take out a loan. Saving money is hardly profitable anymore, however – there is virtually no interest on a traditional savings account anymore, and even call money accounts come with very low interest offers these days. So it's no wonder that buying on installments is more modern than ever.

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Legally secure drafting of a (private) loan agreement

It is impossible to imagine our society and economy without loan agreements. These come in a variety of forms and enable purchases that would otherwise be impossible to make. Since loan agreements are often long-term and involve not inconsiderable risks for both sides, disagreements often arise over time, resulting in lengthy court cases. These can be reduced to a minimum by planning ahead.

There are many complex questions surrounding the drafting of loan agreements. Our law firm has often assisted clients in the drafting of loan agreements and thus laid a legally secure foundation for a dispute-free contractual relationship. If you have specific questions or would like us to draw up a legally secure loan agreement for you, please contact the law firm of hummelmann, von pierer und kollegen in erlangen.

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Installment loan without schufa: loan without examination

A new car, renovating the kitchen, financing the next vacation – in everyday life there are always occasions when a loan can be helpful. But what if you have a negative schufa entry? Can you get an installment loan without schufa at all?? Here are the most important facts:

Credit rating of banks regulated by law

By law, german banks are obliged to check the creditworthiness of customers before a loan can be granted. For this purpose, most credit institutions use the information of schufa. The credit agency schufa informs its contractual partners about the creditworthiness of the applicants.

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Private marketplace auxmoney offers top conditions

For prospective customers, who look for an individual desire credit, it is not completely simple to find the bank 'of its confidence. The recommended alternative to other internet banks can be the multiple award-winning private marketplace auxmoney.

The private marketplace for loans auxmoney is, u.E. The only private marketplace for loans in germany, since competitor smava has been dedicated only to brokering bank loans. Auxmoney is a specialist in instant loans and installment loans really of all kinds. Whether for private needs, for the self-employed or even for pensioners. With auxmoney pretty much everything is possible.

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Renovation financing is always worthwhile

Renovation financing: With interest-subsidized loans from KfW. Find out now

Currently, many houses from the 1960s are being built in germany,. 70s and 80s inherited or sold. The construction boom at the time meant that houses were built particularly quickly and often "simply". The municipalities offered plenty of building land to create terraced and single-family housing estates. Especially the terraced houses – so to speak the first generation of the prefabricated house – show some defects today: thin, uninsulated walls, problems with the tightness of joints, aging heating systems, porous installations, damp cellars.

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Cosmetic repairs in the rented apartment – again and again dispute about cosmetic repairs

Cosmetic repairs are one of the most frequent points of dispute between tenants and landlords. Hard to keep track of the number of lease provisions that specify who has when which cosmetic repairs in the rented apartment to perform. The number of court rulings on this topic is almost as unmanageable. If the tenant finally has to carry out cosmetic repairs, the question arises as to what these must be and what must be taken into account when handing over the apartment. Today's common practice is not the last word in wisdom – therefore, in the final article of this tenant magazine special, suggestions for reforming tenancy law in the area of cosmetic repairs are made.

Neither beautiful nor repairs

What are cosmetic repairs?? This is understood to mean all painting work that is necessary to remove the inevitable wear and tear caused by contractual use. This includes everything that can be renewed with paint, wallpaper and possibly some plaster. According to the case law of the federal court of justice, cosmetic repairs include painting, whitewashing and wallpapering the walls and ceilings, painting the interior doors, the floors, the radiators including the heating pipes, and the windows and exterior doors from the inside. It also depends on the respective circumstances.

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