How to finance the dream classic car by credit

Classic vehicle: finance classic cars with loans

To finance the dream classic car by credit is an attractive solution for all car collectors and future owners of historic vehicles. For those who are fascinated by and in love with classic cars, the decision to purchase a classic car can be the start of a great hobby. Often, collectors fulfill their desire for more rare antiques.

You are an enthusiast with heart and soul, then applying for a loan may be the best way to add (another) dream classic to your collection of exquisite car treasures. If you need the loan for the full purchase price, you can borrow up to 50.000,- euro cheap loan, repayable in absolutely affordable monthly installments.

Acquire classic car and fulfill your dreams

If you dream of owning your first or even another classic car, but your dream model is beyond your budget, we offer classic car financing at really good conditions. Of course, our loans cover all makes and models. Also the restoration and repair costs arising after the purchase can be covered at the same time. To do this, simply add the expected costs to the expected purchase price.

Determine the cost of restoration

First get an overview, at best with the help of specialists, what costs are to be expected after the purchase. This protects you from surprises and also allows you to plan financially. Tip: include the appropriate amount for your vintage project right away. It is better to avoid additional financing if possible.

Extreme increases in value for some models

Thanks to the current low interest rate, historic vehicles are becoming more popular with germans. Accordingly, the prices that are called for such rarities increase. Thus, for some selected historic vehicles even relatively short-term price increases are possible. Increases in fantastic heights. Fantastic at least for those who already own the old-timer.

Connoisseurs thus benefit from high increases in value. Using porsche 911 as an example, you can roughly see the potential. A few years ago, a well-maintained air-cooled model from the latest series was available for about 30.If you want to buy a house for only EUR 000, you have to pay two or three times that amount to the seller today.

With the necessary prior knowledge, the right investment strategy and the famous portion of cleverness, it is possible to use classics u.U. Build up a small fortune. Even today!

Application for credit kept simple

In cooperation with our partner, we have kept the application process pleasingly simple and uncomplicated. So even preliminary requests for feasibility of financing are no problem. In many cases, customers receive the bank's preliminary decision within just 3 hours.

So if you want to acquire a – usually time-limited – classic car offer, you can be sure that after approval the money is usually transferred within three working days after application quickly, safely and effectively.

Serious handling of your request

Our partner bon-kredit has been known for decades as a reputable and trustworthy loan broker and often promises more favorable loans than is usual with house banks. Loans with strong terms, in other words, excellent service and competent help every step of the way to eliminate any worries or concerns you may have about financing classic cars. Our partner ensures that the process remains stress-free, so that you can instead focus entirely on actually getting that dream classic home before another prospective buyer gets in your way.

After you know the approximate amount of the loan, use our loan calculator to calculate different constellations of loan amount to term that best match your expectations.

Few prerequisites

Thus, with our partner the requirements for the loan are set low. To apply through us for the loan of your choice for the new classic, you must:

  • Have a net income of at least 1.300,- euro at your disposal
  • Be employed in a non-tenured position for at least 6 months
  • Be at least 18 years old and therefore of legal age
  • Maintain a german residence or stay here
  • Have a german bank account

As long as you meet the few criteria, we should have no problem in providing you with a financing offer suitable for you.

The individual case decides even with creditworthiness problems, our offer can be accessed. Because it's not generally the case that requests from customers with bad credit reports are turned down! The individual case is always individually decisive!