Dkb personal loan with creditworthiness-independent annual interest rate


With the DKB privatdarlehen you benefit from a uniform interest rate, which does not depend on your creditworthiness. This is a major advantage of the DKB loan.

The situation is different with the term, because there are two different rates, which in turn depend on the term. Up to a term of 84 months, a lower interest rate applies than for a repayment period between 85 and 120 months. Due to the single interest rate, everyone gets the same interest rate. The prerequisite is, of course, that the DKB approves the loan.

What amounts and what terms can you apply for with the DKB personal loan?

With the DKB privatkredit you apply for amounts between 2.500 euros and 65.000 euros. Here the term is between 12 and 120 months. As with all other banks, the amount of the possible credit line depends u. A. Depends on your income.

The bank also takes into account other payment obligations such as maintenance, rent and other loans. Because you can finance a car with the DKB loan, you should also consider this option. Due to the income-independence of the interest rate, it may therefore be worthwhile to apply for the loan.

With a personal loan from DKB bank you act as a cash payer when buying a car and get further discounts.

But the DKB credit is not only interesting for car financing. If you have several credit obligations, it can be significantly worthwhile to combine them by rescheduling the debt. In a free and non-binding loan comparison, DKB is usually represented in the first search results.

What are the advantages of the DKB personal loan?

We have already mentioned one major advantage of the DKB personal loan. The possible discounts by the car dealers can help you to save a lot of money. Even if the dealer financing offers affordable interest rates, they are largely dependent on income, or only possible for a fixed term. Follow-up financing can then result in significant interest rate increases. With the uniform interest rate of the DKB loan, both the term and the cost of the loan remain calculable.

  • DKB with a favorable interest rate
  • Long terms are possible
  • Interest rate independent of creditworthiness
  • Conveniently apply online
  • Active customers pay less interest

If you already have a dealer financing with final installment running, then you can finance the final installment via the DKB loan.
Although the no-credit-standing interest rate is a great deal, you can reduce your interest rate further. You will be rewarded by deutsche kreditbank for being an active customer there. As a user of the DKB current account, with a monthly cash inflow of at least 700 euros, you are offered the DKB personal loan at reduced rates. The already low interest rate is reduced by another 0.2.

What other loans does DKB bank offer?

In addition to the personal loan, DKB also offers a favorable overdraft facility. The interest rate for this is in the single digits. This favorable interest rate offers the DKB to your active customers. All other customers whose monthly cash inflow is less than 700 euros, a slightly higher interest rate is offered.

The DKB as the issuer of the free travel credit card

Furthermore, the deutsche kreditbank berlin is also the issuer of various credit cards. So the free DKB visa debit card is included, with which you can pay and withdraw cash worldwide free of charge as an active customer. A rental car trip in california, bspw. In the pretty town of carmel-by-the-sea, you pay so toll-free. The lufthansa credit card to earn miles, is also issued by DKB.

Is cashback interesting for you? Then you should also think about the deutsche kreditbank berlin. In addition, DKB acts as a money improver.