Credit without schufa – loan even with poor credit rating

The credit without schufa was mainly handled by swiss banks, or better money lenders. Understandable that the required interest rates of these risk financing were in part extremely higher compared to traditional loans.

Even if dubious offerers in the internet want to make you believe otherwise even today: loans from switzerland to germans are so for years no longer possible!

It should also be noted in this context that in this country still some credit intermediaries are active in the market, which are only aimed at the advance payment.

Money is collected from people who are already in dire financial need!

Much is said about this form of financing. Also, there has been a lot of coverage in the TV media lately. If also usually only negative. Here should not be taken over everything so 1 to 1.

The credit without credit history was made possible over the years by a, let's call it 'times gap in the law in switzerland, only possible. All financiers of these swiss credits had their company headquarters in st. Gallen.Gallen, in which the otherwise very strict swiss banking supervisory authority had no legal recourse. To explain, why that was so, would blow up these information pages surely.

After a court decision, this "swiss loan" from switzerland to germans is no longer possible!

Banks are obliged to convince themselves of the customer's ability to pay – otherwise there is the threat of trouble

It is certain that german and also european banks are hardly allowed to finance according to basel II, if the corresponding financial background of the loan applicant is not given. Thus it comes to the fact that the consumer with forfeited creditworthiness with the negative entries in its schufa on normal ways no more credit gets.

Consumers with a tarnished schufa have with german credit banks hardly a chance of realization of their financing desire.

Here after iurisdiction from 2009 also the detour over the swiss money mediators is only conditionally realizable. The already above-described geographical peculiarity made the lenders from switzerland up to a judgment to use and lent money to european citizens, mainly to germans. Read on this topic also our contributionwhy there are loans without schufa at all.

How can the "swiss loan" still be realized??

At least as it was possible until 2009, not anymore. Although every german in switzerland can take out a loan, the application from switzerland explicitly to germans is so no longer allowed. This then resulted in the lenders that had been set up there until then gradually disappeared from the market.

Note: possible is this credit form now only over offerers such as z.B. Bon-kredit, which has banking partners within germany that can also help with problem financing, d.H., with smaller schufaeintragen, credits still make possible.

Germans whose own creditworthiness is afflicted with negative features should entrust themselves to a specialist. For example, the professional swiss intermediary bon-kredit offers suitable options, even customers with low credit ratings u.U. To make the desired financing possible.

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