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More and more consumers are dependent on loans to finance a wide variety of things. In some cases, new purchases need to be financed, and in other situations, repairs, vacations or rent deposits need to be financed. The cost of living has been rising steadily for several years, making it increasingly difficult for consumers to finance monthly expenses and long-term purchases from their incomes. As a rule, borrowing is not a problem, provided that a regular income is available. However, it becomes problematic for people who have negative entries in schufa. These, in fact, often do not get credit.

On the internet, however, there are numerous offers for a loan despite schufa. We explain in the following article, what exactly is understood by the loan without schufa. In addition, we go into why it exists. Finally, even with credit offers without schufa, a comparison is important. We therefore explain all the important aspects of a comparison and schufa in general. At the end of the article we go into why an online loan is in any case preferable to a loan at the local bank.

Credit free loan online

Reputable providers for a credit without credit history

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What is meant by the credit without credit history?

The credit-free online loan is basically first a normal installment loan. This means that borrowers are paid a certain loan amount and have to repay it in fixed monthly installments. Also, an interest rate is to be paid, which is based on the creditworthiness and the key interest rates on the market. The online credit without credit history differs from the ordinary installment loan in that the credit history is not checked before the loan is granted.

Under schufa is the schutzgemeinschaft fur allgemeine kreditsicherung understood. Schufa collects data on the payment behavior of consumers. In addition, credit is reported to the schufa. Banks usually obtain a credit report before granting a loan in order to check the creditworthiness of the applicant. From the credit report, banks can see whether a customer has met his or her previous payment obligations. From a negative schufaauskunft often follows the refusal of the credit application. With the credit without credit history, however, the schufa remains outside.

Why is there the credit free loan?

Of course, the question arises at first glance, why there is the credit free loan from abroad at all. The reason is however simple and understandable. Since consumers with bad schufa normally do not get a loan, there is no possibility for them to take out a loan. This gives them less room for maneuver in terms of their economic options. For example, if you want to finance a car and have a negative credit rating, you will not get a loan. If he needs the car, however, to get to work, it follows a big problem. In extreme cases, job loss is at the end of this dilemma.

For this reason, there are now various banks, especially on the internet, which offer a loan despite schufa. In this way, customers with negative entries in the schufa or. Bad credit rating the possibility of taking out a loan.

For whom is the credit despite schufa useful?

The instant loan without a credit history is primarily useful for all consumers who have a bad credit history and are unable to obtain a loan from their local bank or credit rating agency. Not being able to get a loan from a local bank. It is also suitable for people who do not want borrowing to be reported to schufa. Anyone who takes out a loan with their bank must always agree that the new loan is reported to schufa. Thus, it becomes transparent which loans were taken out when and in what amount, respectively. Have been repaid. With the loan despite schufa, on the other hand, the borrowing is not always transmitted to schufa. This results in a high degree of anonymity.

What distinguishes the borrowing despite schufa from a normal loan?

Basically, the differences of the instant credit without credit history, as already mentioned, are small compared to the normal installment loan. However, there are differences that consumers should pay attention to. A difference between the credit despite schufa and a normal installment loan is often that a higher interest rate must be paid for the credit without schufa. The interest rate depends, among other things, on the personal creditworthiness of the applicant. A good credit rating tends to result in a lower interest rate.

However, since people with negative entries in the schufa have a poorer credit rating, they often have to pay a higher interest rate. Banks compensate in this way for the higher risk. In addition, credit institutions often require collateral for the credit-free loan. This can be, for example, a guarantee. With ordinary loans, on the other hand, collateral is waived, depending on the amount of the loan and the creditworthiness of the applicant.

How to distinguish serious from dubious providers for the instant credit without credit history?

There are now numerous providers of credit-free loans on the internet. Among them are many reputable and also various unseriose providers. Anyone who wants to take out a credit without a credit history must therefore know what to look out for before taking out a loan in order to recognize dubious providers.

It is essential to carry out an independent credit comparison before taking out a loan. Only with a credit comparison, it is possible to find the cheapest and best providers. Therefore, interested parties should in any case use a comparison calculator and then compare the providers in more detail with each other.

The first criterion that shows how serious a provider is, is the interest rate. Unserious providers try to charge very high interest rates. Of course, it is in the area of loans despite schufa basically so that consumers have to pay higher interest rates. However, dubious providers often charge interest in the double-digit range. By the way, the effective interest rate should always be the decisive factor for an interest rate comparison. The APR includes the costs and fees incurred in connection with the granting of the loan.

You can still recognize dubious providers by the fact that they charge very high fees for a wide range of services related to the granting of a loan. In many cases, they take a processing fee for the granting of the loan. Processing fees may not be charged in germany, however, for several years now. Numerous courts have issued rulings on this. But not only in the area of the application, fees are charged by dubious providers. Many service providers charge high default interest for loan installments that are not paid or are paid late. Also for the deferral or change of a credit installment customers often have to pay very high fees.

By the way, dubious providers can also be identified by the fact that customer service is not available or that there is no customer service at all. A missing or incorrect imprint also indicates a dubious service provider. Incidentally, with providers who are not reputable, it is often even the case that customers who submit a non-binding loan application are subsequently forced to apply for the loan.

How does the lending process work with the online credit free of credit history??

The granting of a credit despite schufa does not differ in principle from the granting process of a normal installment loan. Consumers must specify in the first step the desired loan amount and the amount of the monthly installment they want to pay. In some cases, a purpose for the loan must also be selected.

In the next step, applicants must now provide information about their personal data. This includes name, address and date of birth. After entering the personal data, the economic circumstances must be recorded. First and foremost, prospective customers must state whether they are in an employment relationship. Furthermore, data on regular monthly income and expenses are requested. This means that consumers must indicate how high their net income is. In addition, the loan providers want to know what monthly expenses the applicant has.

From this information, online banks can determine whether borrowers are able to repay the desired loan from their income. Online usually also need to provide evidence of the information provided. As evidence, bank statements, salary statements, income tax certificates and rental agreements can be submitted. It is sufficient to upload the documents digitally.

If all the required information has been provided, the data can be transmitted to the online bank. This then internally checks all the information and decides whether the desired loan can be granted. If the credit decision is positive, applicants receive a non-binding credit offer, which they can accept or reject. If applicants wish to accept the offer, they can digitally sign and return the contracts.

In this context, legitimation is also required. Banks are obliged to verify the identity of each customer. For this purpose, an identification document (usually an identity card) must be uploaded. Online is then usually a short video call to confirm the identity.

After checking the data and signing the contract, the money is finally disbursed to the desired account of the borrower. The entire process of granting credit usually takes only a few hours or. Days.

Credit free loan from switzerland or poland

An alternative to the classic credit despite schufa is the so-called credit from switzerland. The loan from switzerland is granted by banks in switzerland and by credit institutions in other european countries. The advantage of this credit is that no schufa query is carried out. In addition, a loan taken out is not reported to the schufa database. However, the prerequisite for a loan from switzerland is a regular income. Those who have a negative schufa and do not want to take out a loan despite schufa in germany, can fall back on the loan from switzerland with regular income.

Sigma kreditbank liechtenstein

Many credit-free foreign loans also come from the sigma bank in liechtenstein.

How to obtain a schufa credit report?

In principle, every consumer can obtain a schufa report. This is even recommended so that you can check what data schufa has stored. In some cases, for example, old loans are not registered as repaid or there are negative entries that have long since expired.

Schufa has its own website, through which interested parties can obtain a self-disclosure at any time. However, the information is subject to a fee. The requested data is sent by mail.

By the way, banks work directly with schufa. This means that they can access the schufa data directly on site during the consultation, provided the customer has given their consent. Credit institutions therefore do not have to wait for the data to arrive.

What are the providers for loans despite negative schufa?

There are numerous providers who offer a credit-free loan or a loan from switzerland. A loan can be applied for despite negative schufa. Three of the best-known providers are presented below. These are bon-kredit, maxda and credimaxx


Bon-kredit is an independent credit broker that has been operating for 45 years. At the intermediary interested parties can get an instant loan of up to 100.000.00 EUR apply. In addition, bon-kredit grants small loans up to an amount of EUR 500.00. Even pensioners up to the age of 80 can apply for a loan via the platform. Bon credit is characterised in addition by the fact that building financings up to an amount of 300.000,00 EUR can be arranged without equity capital. This is for many owners a large advantage, since house banks require as a rule an own capital funds portion of up to 25%. However, most consumers have very little equity capital.

On the side of the offerer prospective customers can place a noncommittal and free credit inquiry. Then bon-kredit searches for the most favorable offers on the market. Bon-kredit works together with various banks, so that numerous providers can be compared with each other quickly and easily. A great advantage of the provider is furthermore that at any time schufafreie loans or. Loans can be taken out despite schufa.


Maxda is a provider that specializes in granting loans and real estate financing for individuals. At maxda, prospective borrowers can choose between a loan amount of 1.500,00 EUR and 250.000.00 EUR choose. For private individuals who want to take out a loan despite schufa, the maximum loan amount is 7.500.00 EUR. Even the unemployed can take out a loan with the provider if they have a guarantor. If there is no guarantor, a monthly income of at least 850.00 EUR must be provided.

In addition, all loans issued through maxda have a fixed debit interest rate. This means that the interest rate cannot be changed during the entire term of the loan. For borrowers, this has the advantage that they have an accurate overview of all costs and know when the loan is repaid. Unscheduled repayments are also possible at any time.

In addition to the loans listed above, maxda also offers separate loans for civil servants. Public sector employees, civil servants and employees with more than 10 years of service can apply for a civil servant loan.


Credimaxx is a loan provider that specializes in granting loans to people who do not get a loan from local banks or comparison portals on the internet. It is a credit provider with social responsibility. The portal is primarily aimed at people with negative schufa, pensioners, the unemployed and the self-employed. But of course in principle each consumer can apply for a credit with credimaxx. The portal grants, among other things, mini loans, instant loans, express loans, loans with instant approval, loans despite schufa and normal installment loans. Also credits with a forced sale are assigned by the offerer. For people in a problematic financial situation credimaxx is the perfect contact person.

The credit of private persons as alternative to the credit despite schufa

An alternative to the ordinary credit free loan or. Credit despite schufa represents the loan from private individuals. For several years, there is the possibility on the internet to borrow money from private individuals. On the one hand, there are investors who want to achieve a good return on their money, and at the same time there are consumers who urgently need a loan. It is precisely these two parties that the intermediary auxmoney brings together.

Auxmoney is a platform that mediates loans from private individuals to private individuals. Consumers simply enter the desired loan amount and rate on the site. Subsequently, auxmoney mediates a favorable loan, which is granted by several private individuals. Thus, lending no longer depends on a bank. On the site of the credit intermediary, even people with negative schufa get a loan. Likewise, pensioners, self-employed, young professionals or the unemployed can register on the platform and submit a loan application.

Why do self-employed, young professionals and pensioners often have a particularly difficult time getting a loan despite negative schufa?

In germany, it is possible for every consumer over the age of 18 to apply for a loan. Those who have a regular income will normally be able to take out a loan. However, there are groups of people who have a particularly hard time getting a loan. These groups of people include the self-employed, pensioners and young professionals. These consumers have a regular income. Nevertheless banks give reluctantly credits to this group of persons. The explanation for this is simple, because the risk of lending to this group of people is increased for banks.

Self-employed people are dependent on the order situation and have no employer who transfers their salary on a fixed date. So it may be that a self-employed person in january 6.000,00 EUR and in february only 500,00 EUR earned. Theoretically, a self-employed person can even go broke completely unexpectedly. For banks, this fact is a risk that is difficult to calculate.

For pensioners, the situation is somewhat different, because they have a regular income. However, banks are also reluctant to grant loans or financing to pensioners. Loans despite schufa, because with advancing age of course the risk increases that the borrower dies. Thus, especially people over 70 years of age have a hard time getting a loan with a high loan amount. A solution for this problem would be the residual credit insurance with a secured death risk. Many insurance companies refuse to cover this risk in the case of elderly or. Retirees, however, from.

Even young professionals often find it difficult to obtain a loan or a credit line. Get a loan despite schufa. The reason is that young professionals often sign temporary employment contracts and have not yet worked for a long time. In addition, many new entrants to the profession have a probationary period of 6 months. For banks, therefore, there is a risk that career entrants will lose their jobs relatively quickly. If a young professional has a loan in the amount of 10.000.00 EUR and loses his job immediately after taking out the loan, he can not repay the money. In this case, there may also be no entitlement to unemployment benefit I.

Why do civil servants get special civil servant loans?

Civil servants and public sector employees receive so-called civil servant loans from many providers. These loans usually have a very low interest rate. In addition, loans are granted to civil servants and public sector employees without extensive credit checks. This is because civil servants and public sector employees are paid by the public sector, i.E. By the state, country or city. In addition, civil servants cannot be dismissed. The risk that they do not meet their payment obligations under a loan agreement is therefore very low.

Banks are therefore very happy to grant loans to these groups of people. Public sector employees or employees who have worked for their employer for a very long time also benefit from particularly favorable loans. Otherwise, however, official loans do not differ from ordinary installment loans.

Is the loan despite schufa tied to a specific purpose of use?

Loans are often needed at relatively short notice to finance a wide variety of things. House banks usually want to know what a borrower needs the particular loan for. However, in the case of credit despite schufa, which is granted by online banks, the purpose of use does not play a decisive role. As a rule, the loan despite schufa is therefore not tied to any purpose, so that borrowers are paid the money at their free disposal.

What are the disadvantages associated with taking out a credit without a credit history (schufa)?

The only disadvantage of a credit without a credit history is that slightly higher interest rates must be paid. Otherwise, the credit despite schufa has no disadvantages. Borrowers, on the other hand, benefit from the advantage of being completely anonymous. Thus prospective customers can let themselves be paid off for example a credit and balance thereby the own account. Your own house bank can't track where the money to balance the account comes from.

Under what conditions also ordinary house banks give a loan despite schufa?

Normal local banks usually only grant a loan despite schufa if they know the customer and have no concerns about the creditworthiness of the borrower. However, such a situation is given in the rarest cases. In addition, local banks will often require full collateralization of the desired loan. In addition, customers will have to pay very high interest rates if they want a credit free loan.

For this reason, it makes sense in any case to take out a loan online despite schufa. The offers of the local banks are not competitive. Last but not least, customers must explain to their local bank exactly why they need a loan. No one should be expected to explain in such detail why they need money. The local banks are therefore not an alternative to borrowing from an online bank.