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What you should know about the rental deposit in switzerland

Rental deposit Switzerland

Finally the search is over. Despite many competitors, you have won the bid for your dream property. Your future landlord will even already have the contract ready. But the quickly ruins your joy. To the first month's rent due, the rent deposit must also be paid in advance, three months' rent. You did not expect it at all. This payment is a considerable burden on the already strained moving budget. We inform you about everything you need to know about the rent deposit and possible alternatives that relieve your reserves. However, this information is no substitute for advice from an insurer, your house bank or a tax advisor.

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Unvarnished: founders learned from these mistakes

"Founding is not a sprint, it's a marathon," they often say. Along with the highs, there are also many lows. Which they are and from which mistakes they could learn, founders reveal in the start-up podcast "ungeschont" of kfw bankengruppe.

Financing harder than expected

People who think about founding a start-up often believe that the first funds can be raised through business angels right away. This is what happened to dr. Kati ernst and kristine zeller, founders of ooia. They also thought:

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What net interest margin is typical for a bank?

Learn german | interrogative pronoun "welch-" | interrogative pronoun | A1 – lesson 53 (october 2022)

What is a typical net interest margin for a bank?

In the united states, the average net interest margin for banks in the first quarter of 2015 was 3.3%. However, this was the lowest average net interest margin in more than 10 years. .. The net interest margin for U.S. Banks in the first quarter of 2005 was 3.5%. A peak of 3.84% was achieved in the first quarter of 2010. On the surface, this suggests that a typical net interest margin for U.S. Banks in the 21. Century interest rates range from 3 to 4 percent.

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What does a master automotive technician do?

But you can achieve even more by attending a master craftsman's training school for motor vehicles. There then beside the deepening of the knowledge in kfz technology also economical contents absolutely form a focus. A special challenge is the guidance of apprentices for whom the motor vehicle foreman takes responsibility. With the master craftsman's certificate you have the possibility to open your own automotive business and to train apprentices in it.

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Tips for the credit application

Anyone who wants to apply for a loan on the internet can get a lot wrong when filling out the loan application, but of course they can also get a lot right. In some cases, small additional details and information, for example on the financial circumstances of the borrower, can already be decisive for the desired loan approval. The following article contains numerous tips for the correct filling out of a credit application and goes into it, which data and information for a positive credit decision can be particularly advantageous.

The correct indication of the income conditions

With the evaluation of a credit inquiry it depends after the data to the desired credit, above all on the income conditions specified by the borrower. The income situation must always be sufficient to demonstrate a debt service capability required by the bank, which is a basic prerequisite for loan approval. As a borrower, you should therefore know how to present your personal income situation in the best possible way, but of course truthfully. A common mistake is "forgetting" to include christmas and vacation bonuses, although this information can be very important for the credit rating.

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Tips if the income is not sufficient for the loan

The search for ways, if the income for the intended credit is not sufficient. The amount of the family income, as well as a – after deduction of costs – as safe as possible remaining, high household budget increases the chances of getting a loan approved by a bank, savings bank or intermediary.

Because nothing serves the lender in an unsecured loan so much as security as the monthly income.

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Tips for home financing

Many people are driven by the desire to own their own home. You want a house as a retreat for the family, an oasis of well-being and an investment for the future. However, building or buying a property does not always turn out to be easy. House financing, in particular, presents a challenge to the future owners. To master this, these tips will help you.

1. Equity as the basis for financing a house

When you finance a house, your equity plays an important role. Without sufficient own means a respectable financing of the desire real estate is not realizable. On average, as a homebuyer or builder, you should be able to pay 20 to 30 percent of the cost out of pocket. The basic amount is required, for example, by many credit institutions when granting a real estate loan.

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Solar thermal energy: function, costs, advantages

While photovoltaic systems are the talk of the town, solar thermal energy is still in the shadows. In the process, this form of solar system also helps property owners contribute to the energy transition and, ideally, save money along the way. Find out here how a solar thermal system converts solar radiation into heat, what you should consider when choosing one, and what costs you should expect to pay.

How does solar thermal work?

A solar thermal system is installed on the roof

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Installment loans instead of annuity loans

Installment loans as an alternative to annuity loans. Not everyone knows this

Anyone talking about a construction financing loan usually means an annuity loan. The annuity loan is characterized by the fact that the borrower repays a constant monthly sum (consisting of interest and repayment) during the entire term (fixed interest period). This means that the borrower can plan the cost of the loan over a long period of time, which means that fluctuations in interest rates are of no interest to the borrower. However, there are also many other forms of loan. An interesting alternative for those who want to pay less and less over the course of the loan is the installment loan. This sounds interesting, but is subject to some conditions that the prospective borrower must meet.

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