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Instant credit – so fast you really get the money

Whether an instant loan is actually paid out particularly quickly often depends on the provider in question. The fact is that instant loans, often referred to as fast, express or rush loans, mean that there is a shorter than average time between application and disbursement of the loan amount.

Sometimes, however, the instant credit is not faster than an ordinary online credit. In addition, you should pay attention to the difference between an immediate loan and a loan with an immediate commitment, because the period of settlement of the loan can differ significantly here.

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How to reduce the double burden when building a house

Whoever builds a new house will almost always have to bear a double burden of ongoing rent and the financing costs for the new building project. We show you how you can reduce this double burden as much as possible.

Unlike the purchase of a completed property, the costs of a new construction project have to be paid in installments. This starts with the purchase of the property and continues with the construction of the house. Until you move in, there are usually many partial payments to construction companies, tradesmen, energy suppliers, etc. To. Depending on the amount of the existing equity capital and the structure of the financing, different amounts of construction period interest are incurred here. This is the name of the interest you have to pay to a bank until you move in.

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This is how the interest rate turnaround is already making itself felt in construction rates

For years (see here our blogpost from 2018), experts have been anticipating the turnaround in interest rates. But with inflation fueled by the ukraine war (currently 7.3% in germany), the ECB (european central bank) is coming under pressure to raise lending rates. While the u.S. Federal reserve has already done this and even wants to follow suit, the monetary watchdogs in frankfurt will probably remain on hold until the summer (sources: ECB council member rehn: interest rate hike in july "imperative" (handelsblatt 09.05.2022); ECB director schnabel: "now it is no longer enough to talk, we must act. From today's perspective, I think an interest rate increase in july is possible." (ARD / tagesschau 04.05.2022)). As a precursor to a turnaround in interest rates, they are planning to end their multi-billion bond purchases, if possible this summer.

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