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How savings bank bosses are increasing their equity capital

Savings bank bosses in saarland withhold millions from the districts and cities by unnecessarily accumulating equity capital and thus driving up their salaries. A frankfurt economics professor has found out about them. Saarlandinside series part 2 about questionable business practices.

For years, savings bank executives have been whining to their board controllers about a difficult business situation. The low-interest phase is squeezing earnings. And – the banking crisis is still in people's minds – many millions of euros would have to be added to equity capital. Despite these problems, however, he said, it was still possible to distribute a few million for the county treasury. It all sounds great. The board of directors is impressed and nods the annual report mostly without criticism.

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Knowledge construction financing: 7 factors for the best interest rate

You have found your dream property? Now it's time for the "nitty gritty". In this article, we explain what you must pay attention to before you apply for a loan.

Compare offers & the bank interview

The days of going to your local bank and being grateful that they approve your financing request are thankfully over. The price differences of the individual banks are sometimes immense. Construction financing is still an important source of income for banks and you are a desirable customer.

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What unique benefits do companies offer their employees worldwide?

Nowadays, most companies understand the importance of offering employee benefits. After all, employee benefits have been found to increase employee engagement, productivity and motivation and are an effective recruitment and retention tool.

Glassdoors employment confidence survey from 2015 reveals that for about 60% of people, benefits play an important role in their decision making when considering a job offer. The survey also reveals that nearly 80% of employees would prefer additional benefits over a pay increase.

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How does a construction financing work?

Most people who want to buy or build their own home are interested in the financing process.
In this article, we describe the process of a construction financing consultation at our company, from the initial contact to loan acceptance.

As a rule, we receive most inquiries in the area of real estate financing through our online presence and through referrals. Often there is already a concrete object, which wants to be acquired. Due to the current situation on the real estate market, speed is required in addition to sound advice. We can score points with our customers because we are not bound to any opening hours and also allow "spontaneous" appointments.

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What you should know about the rental deposit in switzerland

Rental deposit Switzerland

Finally the search is over. Despite many competitors, you have won the bid for your dream property. Your future landlord will even already have the contract ready. But the quickly ruins your joy. To the first month's rent due, the rent deposit must also be paid in advance, three months' rent. You did not expect it at all. This payment is a considerable burden on the already strained moving budget. We inform you about everything you need to know about the rent deposit and possible alternatives that relieve your reserves. However, this information is no substitute for advice from an insurer, your house bank or a tax advisor.

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Unvarnished: founders learned from these mistakes

"Founding is not a sprint, it's a marathon," they often say. Along with the highs, there are also many lows. Which they are and from which mistakes they could learn, founders reveal in the start-up podcast "ungeschont" of kfw bankengruppe.

Financing harder than expected

People who think about founding a start-up often believe that the first funds can be raised through business angels right away. This is what happened to dr. Kati ernst and kristine zeller, founders of ooia. They also thought:

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