Bremen focuses on expansion of wind energy

The german government has ambitious goals when it comes to the energy transition. Key driver for this: wind power. Bremen and bremerhaven are among the predestined locations when it comes to wind energy, because here the stiff breeze ensures rotating blades and running wind power motors. Performance to date is impressive, with 89 wind turbines already on the grid by the end of 2018. By 2025, an additional 4.000 investments arise.

Could so far more than 184.000 private households benefit from innovative wind power, there will be many more in the future, even if many projects are not entirely uncontroversial among the public. Critical voices and the discourse are desired, because the region wants to start together with the citizens into the innovative and alternative future of the energy production. The state of bremen is creating optimal conditions for this, responding for example with business development to promote wind energy.

Bremerhaven part of the settlement policy

To usher in the energy transition, logistical challenges are the main challenges to overcome. Important: the transport as well as the installation of the meter-high wind turbines. A logistical tour de force that not only the port facilities in bremerhaven and bremen have to face, but also specialized companies for road transport (possible u. A. With a eurocompact or individually designed wind power transporters from the TII group). Loading the individual components of the wind turbines requires precise handling, logistical skill and experienced personnel. Bremen as a wind region is predestined for it, because here competences of service, supplies, project engineers and planning offices are available on one place. Bremen thus recommends itself as an innovative location for the energy transition mission.

From bremerhaven to the world: wind energy shipped with logistical masterstroke

The potential of the wind energy sector has been recognized not only in germany, but also worldwide. Bremerhaven also offers all possibilities as a logistical hub for shipping the wind turbine. From here, foundations, nacelles, towers, substations and rotor blades can be shipped quickly and cost-effectively to destinations worldwide. The smart logistics system in bremerhaven also makes it possible to transport the individual components to the wind farm construction sites in the sea.

For this purpose, heavy duty wharves were specially built in labrador harbor or the industrial areas of luneort and luneplate were created. In the meantime, there are even test facilities of the offshore class to plan and realize the wind park facilities of the future and to make the energy-efficient innovation location north sea and baltic sea even more competitive.

District of osterholz new wind turbines & focuses on e-mobility

By 2030, dozens of the wind turbines, which can be up to 180 meters high, will be located in the district of osterholz. The region not only wants to focus on alternative energy production, but also be part of an innovative overall concept with sustainable mobility. The "dorpsmobil" project from schleswig-holstein serves as a role model. In the future, the energy generated by the wind turbines will also be used regionally for sustainable mobility. A local e-car sharing initiative is being launched for this purpose. The purchase of electric vehicles powered by electricity from the local wind turbines will enable sustainable mobility for members.

The "dorpsmobil" project set an example: on an association basis, each of the members could use the e-vehicles for €3.50/hour or €35/day. The municipality itself also made use of this and made the vehicles available to volunteer drivers. A project that is setting a precedent in the district of osterholz and is intended to make electromobility more attractive in the region.

Erecting the wind turbines is a logistical feat: no problem with skilled personnel and special machinery. Photo: pixabay/photoholiday

Wind energy as a job engine for the weser region

The expansion of wind energy plants not only brings opportunities for businesses and alternative energies. The labor market also benefits. An essential building block: the qualification and further training opportunities that exist directly in the weser region. Here, employers have the opportunity to directly recruit university graduates with specialized knowledge or to provide their employees with ongoing training and further education.

Future engineers and employees in the wind energy industry can study numerous subjects at the universities and colleges in bremen and bremerhaven, and receive further training at the wind energy training center in bremerhaven. In addition, there are numerous education and training options in the area of safety, because the offshore wind turbines need to be maintained regularly. Bremerhaven offers with the maritime special trainings the possibility of practicing and perfecting individual maintenance handles in airy heights.

To date, more than 150.000 employees to be found in the wind energy sector, and the trend is increasing. In the last ten years alone, thousands of additional jobs have been created by the offshore industry and skilled workers qualified for it.

Networking in the field of wind energy: bremen is the interface

In order to use synergy effects and exchange experiences, an industry network consisting of business, politics and science is needed. In bremerhaven, this has been successful, as the wind energy agency WAB has its headquarters here, has more than 300 members. Together, the goal is to bring about success in the energy transition and establish itself as germany's wind energy hub.

Opportunity for bremen companies

Strong industry and service partners are needed to make the energy transition a success. To ensure that everything runs smoothly at the BARD offshore 1 wind farm, the technology must be maintained regularly. Bremen companies contribute. One of them is REETEC as an experienced service provider in the wind power industry. The company even managed to increase turbine efficiency with its own engineering team and strong partner contractors.

OBE, OWS and REETEC – three experts for wind park plants, which could even expand strategically by the commitment of the local on offshore wind plants. For example, REETEC took over bremen-based service provider OWS and its 180 employees in 2017. In the meantime, the number of employees has even been expanded.

Support offers for small and medium-sized enterprises

Bremen supports its entrepreneurs and has a number of support offers especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, business expansions or business start-ups are supported. Various programs of the bremer aufbau-bank are available for this purpose. In addition, cooperation between academia and industry is supported in the placement process.

Innovative projects receive special support in bremen. Applicants receive discounted loans or grants for cooperative projects. Companies that want to invest in wind energy, for example, can get help with loan financing, guarantees or venture capital from the state investment program and the "research and development" and "environmental support" programs.