Bafog: how the financing of studies works

BAfoG: How student financing works

The abbreviation bafog stands for bundesausbildungsforderungsgesetz (federal education and training assistance act). This state social benefit makes it possible that every person, regardless of his social and economic situation, can complete an education that corresponds to his abilities and interests. In this article we focus on the bafog for students.

Find out in our article how to apply, how high the current bafog rate is and what you have to pay attention to when repaying.

How do I submit a bafog application??

You can receive bafog not only as a student, but also as a pupil. The funding law is intended to u. A. Ensure that children of families who cannot finance their studies or training on their own can still study or start training.

The amount of the grant is decided on a case-by-case basis. It is not decisive whether your parents work, but how much income they earn. However, you also have the possibility of a parent-independent subsidy.

In order to be eligible for bafog, you must submit an application. In the meantime you can also apply for bafog online at bafog.De apply. Here you will find not only information, but also the appropriate applications and forms as well as an application wizard.

Entitlement to bafog: you must meet these requirements

As a rule, you can only be supported if you have completed your studies or school education before the age of 30. If you start your bafog studies before you reach the age of 35, in the case of master's degree courses before you reach 35. You must have reached the age of 18. In some cases there are exceptions to this rule, which will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Financing your studies: how much does it cost to study in germany??

The study is for many a milestone especially, for the annual school graduates. For many, the question arises here: how much does a study actually cost?? In our article you will find the answer.

Bafog: what are the exceptions to the age limit??

  • Entrance qualification for studies acquired through the second educational pathway
  • Study without abitur
  • Further university education according to § 7 abs. 2 no. 2 or 3 bafog
  • Personal or family obstacles
  • Drastic change in personal circumstances

Once your entitlement to bafog is approved, you will normally receive half of the loan amount as a grant and half as an interest-free loan for a period determined by law.

How much is the bafog for students?

Under certain conditions students can apply for bafog. If you have already checked your entitlement to bafog, the next step is to determine the amount of funding required. Since 2020, the bafog maximum rate has been raised to 861 €. With bafog, the applicant does not have to pay interest and must pay back a maximum of half after the end of studies.

Basic needs: how much bafog am I entitled to?

The bafog estimates the basic need to 585 euros per month, of which 325 euros for rent and 109 euros for the surcharges for health insurance and nursing care insurance will be incurred. According to estimates, as a student you should have 867€ monthly as living expenses for you in the account.

Our tip: use a bafog calculator to estimate how much bafog you are likely to receive each month before you submit your application. It is also possible that you earn some extra money through a part-time job. You should not exceed the monthly allowance of 450 €.

How does the repayment work?

Once your entitlement to bafog is approved, you will normally receive half of the loan amount as a grant and half as an interest-free loan for a period determined by law. This means that in the end you will only have to repay half of the amount paid out to you.

There is also an online portal for the repayment process of bafog payments. You will find information about bafog and repayment on the website and have the option of uploading proofs directly. You can also make changes to your contract, for example your residential address, via the portal.

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