Azubi credit – tips and tricks

Trainee loan to fulfill your desires

Also you as an apprentice need capital for various purchases. With a trainee loan, you realize your wishes. But is it at all possible to obtain a loan during training? If a trainee receives a loan?

Credit for trainees – finally to the car or to own apartment!

To the classical credit for apprentices, belongs naturally also the auto-financing. After all, at 18 you finally want to enjoy mobility. However, not every trainee has wealthy parents who "sponsor" the new car. Do you need money for:

… Or other things in life? Then there is actually the chance that you get a trainee loan. But how does the principle work? After all, you do not yet earn very much money and your apprenticeship contract is "limited in time".

These requirements await you with a loan during your education!

Basically, these requirements are necessary to obtain a loan:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • No negative schufa entries
  • Residence in germany
  • A regular salary (remuneration during the apprenticeship)
  • By the way, child benefit or bafog is rarely accepted as "income"

You can be on the safe side if you already have a written promise to be taken on after the apprenticeship. Are your achievements right? Intermediate examination successfully completed? Then talk to your employer about a potential takeover after successful final examination.

Guarantors help – find co-applicants for your trainee loan!

Even if you do not have a written commitment from the employer that you are guaranteed to be taken on, a second borrower helps. For example your parents. Or other relatives. Maybe even someone from your circle of acquaintances. However, the employee must also have a fixed income (not a trainee)!).

With this variant, a trainee loan is quite feasible. This way you can realize your dream of owning a car, even if money is tight during your apprenticeship. However, only plan realistic installments that you can afford. With a second borrower, increase in any case the chances of a loan for trainees.

Compare loans for trainees in advance and save money!

As you can see, even apprentices are perfectly eligible for apprentice loans. But it is worth the comparison. Do not immediately take the first opportunity that presents itself. Compare the credit offers. Often banks even have special loans for apprentices in the portfolio.

Of course with attractive conditions. To bind you to the bank in the long term. Various comparison portals also list the conditions. It is essential to pay attention to the "annual percentage rate of charge". Only this, defines the actual costs of the interest rate. Calculate in peace and compare the offers regarding loans for trainees. Then it will soon work out with the car, your own apartment or whatever you want.