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world­wirt­society­crisis 1929 vs. Coro­na­crisis 2020

World economic crisis of 1929

The health crisis caused by the coronavirus will turn into an economic crisis. It seems inevitable by now. It remains to be seen to what extent this crisis will take place.
In order to assess possible consequences a bit better, it often helps to take a look at the past. Most recently, we compared the current corona crisis to the 2008 financial crisis. In this article, let's look back a bit further: to the great depression of 1929. Can similarities be found between the crisis then and the crisis today? Can we learn from history and use this knowledge to mitigate the consequences of the corona crisis?

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How does a construction financing work?

Most people who want to buy or build their own home are interested in the financing process.
In this article, we describe the process of a construction financing consultation at our company, from the initial contact to loan acceptance.

As a rule, we receive most inquiries in the area of real estate financing through our online presence and through referrals. Often there is already a concrete object, which wants to be acquired. Due to the current situation on the real estate market, speed is required in addition to sound advice. We can score points with our customers because we are not bound to any opening hours and also allow "spontaneous" appointments.

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How much equity for house purchase

Especially the last years show that more and more people have the desire to own their own property. You want to create their own empire, be independent of landlords. But what about the equity capital? How much should be available for the purchase of a house? How much equity for home purchase should be on the side?

Why do you need equity capital to buy a house in the first place??

How much equity for home purchase

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