Apply for a quick loan online in a few minutes

A sudden life situation, which brings financial difficulties with it, can be steered by a fast loan again in a positive direction.

The short-term loan can provide relief when unexpectedly a large bill is due. For example, due to an unexpected car repair. The loan amount is provided by the bank quickly, within 1 to 3 days. Financial setbacks can be quickly compensated for without having to fall back on savings.

The quick loan can be applied for online in just a few clicks. The online platforms do without paper documents and the long postal route is spared. The entire process is carried out digitally. Only in this way can it be guaranteed that the cash injection lands as quickly as possible on your account.

Fast credit

The most important thing in a nutshell:

The quick loan will be paid to you within 1 to 3 days.

Modern providers allow a purely digital application process, without paperwork.

As a rule, a medium credit rating is sufficient. Especially small loan amounts are approved quickly and easily.

Financial bottlenecks can be bridged with a quick loan quickly and conveniently from home.

What is a quick loan?

A quick loan is a loan that is paid off in monthly installments, plus interest. Thus it represents a form of the installment credit. Clear distinguishing features of the fast loan, are the completely digital processing and the rapid approval, as well as disbursement within 24 to 72 hours.

Conditions of the quick loan

Loan terms: it often happens that the amount provided, is paid off in one, two or three manageable loan installments. With higher amounts, also monthly repayment installments in the range of 12 to 24 months are possible.

Typical loan amounts: small amounts between 500 and 5.000€, which are repaid over a small period of time, are typical for the quick loan.

Duration until disbursement: both the processing and the disbursement, takes place with the quick loan within 24 to 72 hours.

Interest rates: one disadvantage of quick loans are the high interest rates. However, since they are paid off quite quickly, the interest costs only make a minor impact. The higher the loan amount and the longer the term, the smaller the interest rates are usually.

Installment breaks and unscheduled repayments: with quick loans, the online banks offer due to the low loan, a high repayment flexibility.

Is a quick loan without schufa possible?

Even if you have a fixed income, but have a negative SCHUFA entry, then this worsens the credit rating even with the quick loan. Especially when medium to high loan amounts are requested, the rejection is very likely with a negative SCHUFA entry.

This can of course be frustrating. But the credit institutions must now once adhere to the german banking act. It states that a loan may only be concluded if there is no significant doubt that the applicant is creditworthy.

German credit institutions, including online banks, can therefore not give you a quick loan without SCHUFA. However, the swiss loan is a special case, because it is granted according to swiss law. It is a completely credit-free loan. Credit institutions abroad also offer the option of instant disbursement. So there is a quick loan without SCHUFA query.

Of course, foreign loans also have some disadvantages. Thus, the loan amounts are usually set very low and the term may rarely exceed 36 months. There is also the risk that you go to a dubious provider on the glue. The interest rates for the swiss loan are on average significantly higher than the german providers.

Among other things, you can recognize reputable lenders:

Easy and inexpensive contact

No costs before approval

No fee-based consultant services

We therefore recommend that you obtain a SCHUFA report and check whether all entries are still current. Often you can request a deletion and thus significantly improve your SCHUFA score.

A fast loan without SCHUFA is possible with a foreign provider. The swiss loan is particularly popular. Choose here the option of immediate payment.

Pay attention to foreign loans that they are serious, no additional fees are required and the costs remain within limits.

Before you consider a loan without SCHUFA query, we recommend checking the timeliness of their own SCHUFA data.

Apply for a quick loan step by step

In order to successfully apply for a quick loan, you should of course proceed purposefully. Particularly important are the conditions and the completion of the loan application. The online banks offer a complete digital processing for the quick loan.

Compare loans

For the loan comparison, you specify the desired loan amount and the term. This allows you to calculate the monthly rate to be paid. The interest you have to add depending on the provider on top of it. Especially the online quick loan is offered by numerous banks at attractive conditions. Therefore, you should first make a comparison to filter out the right offer for you to be able to.

Fill out the application

Once you have looked at all the credit offers and selected the best one, you need to fill out the credit application and send it off. In the application section, you will be asked for a lot of important information, which you should have at hand. A rapid provision of your data, accelerates the process of course. Particularly in the case of a quick loan, however, only really relevant information is requested. This includes personal information, such as name and address. As a rule, you must provide information about your income and expenses.

Sign the contract

If all information has been provided, the online bank will respond within a very short time and usually agree to the quick loan application. The entire process is carried out digitally and through the "esign" a signature is also possible online. You do not have to go to the bank branch or to the post office! You can confirm your identity quickly and easily using the videoident procedure.

Receive money

With german providers, it is mandatory to have a german bank account in order to get the quick loan paid out. Foreign bank accounts are almost never accepted for a payout.

The payment is then made within 24 to 72 hours. Note here that it may be due to a weekend or a holiday, to a small delay.

Quick loans can be applied for online at a reputable bank.

When filling out the loan application, it is important that you provide correct and accurate information.

Ur legitimation, the providers for quick loans, do without the lengthy postident procedure. Within a few minutes, you can digitally confirm your identity via the videoident procedure.

Requirements for a quick loan

The quick loan is not tied to such strict requirements as is the case with large loans. Of course, even the fast loan is not granted to every person. There are some requirements that you must meet if you want to borrow money quickly.

This includes with german lenders:

Average to very good SCHUFA score

A regular income is also welcome. Only a few lenders also offer a quick loan without proof of income.

Unfortunately, a quick loan without SCHUFA is not possible with german banks. Since 2010, every german bank is required to conduct a query with the credit agency. Also with the quick loan, can lead particularly negative SCHUFA entries to the refusal.

What documents are needed?

Applying for a quick loan for a short period of time is fairly straightforward. You only have to provide a few documents. These include:

A valid identification document (passport or ID card)

Proof of income (pay slips and bank statements)

In the case of self-employed persons, even more documents may be required, for example the EuR, BWA and the annual financial statement.

The advantages of the quick loan

A quick loan is a loan with immediate commitment and accelerated payment. So the biggest advantage is already clear by the term itself. It is therefore particularly attractive for people who need money as quickly as possible and can not accept long processing times.

In practice, there are thus significant differences from the conventional loan, with regard to the processing of loan applications. Thus, visiting a local branch, the bank for example, is not necessary. So that you can better classify whether the quick loan is suitable for you, we have all the advantages again clearly presented:

Instant approval: with a loan calculator, you have the opportunity to determine the desired rate for the loan amount and around the clock. If all the conditions such as the term, the loan amount and also the interest rate meet your requirements, you can submit the application within a few moments. With the quick loan you get after a short time an immediate confirmation of the conditions. This takes only 5 to 15 minutes with many providers. Especially if a bill is to be paid at short notice, this saves valuable time.

Rapid disbursement: if an online bank offers the quick loan, the processing will be purely digital. Without the time-consuming postal service, nothing stands in the way of immediate payment. In most cases, the money is transferred after the loan approval on the same day and is within 24 hours on your account. If holidays or the weekend come in between, it can also take up to 72h.

Low hurdles: especially the application for small loans with instant payout are pretty straightforward. Only a handful of documents are required and even with average creditworthiness beckons an approval. For larger short-term loans up to 5.000€, a very good credit rating must be present and the bank would like to see more collateral / evidence. In our experience, new customers for quick loans get up to 1.500€, but quite quickly a commitment. Here the creditworthiness criteria are also less strict and even people with a low schufa score, get a small quick loan.

Flexible financing: first, the quick loan can be applied for from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of paperwork. You can be very flexible, with regard to the rate to be paid in the loan application to proceed. There are small loans with instant approval, which can be repaid in one, two or three installments. Another person may want to pay off the same amount in 12 small monthly installments. Here, the online banks offer a lot of financial leeway and unscheduled repayments are usually possible without any problems.

Favorable terms: of course, the interest rates on particularly small loans, set higher in percentage terms, than for larger loans. However, the costs are not so high, because an instant loan is often repaid in the same or at the latest the following year. A small loan with immediate approval is often much cheaper than an expensive overdraft facility or a credit card that has been overdrawn for a long time.