19000 Euro loan: apply for fair and flexible 19000 euro loan from the comfort of your home

You need a 19000 euro loan for free use? Or would you like to use this amount to purchase a new vehicle, renovate your apartment or reschedule your debts? Compare now SCHUFA-neutral and without obligation different credit offers! Take your time and discover a cheap 19000 euro loan that fully meets your expectations!

Compare interesting 19000 euro loan offers here!

Before the world wide web, loans of 19000 euros were primarily granted by traditional branch and cooperative banks. Nowadays, however, you can get a fair and flexible loan from a wide variety of providers. The offer is huge, the competition is great! And since today you can get a 19000 euro loan not only from raiffeisen banks, savings banks and branch banks, but also from various specialized, direct and online banks, you should definitely make a detailed loan comparison to locate the best and most favorable loan offer!

The 19000 euro credit as a loan

Since the loan amount of the 19000 euro loan is above the 10.000 euro mark, one speaks here no longer of a small loan, but of a loan. A loan is characterized by a large loan amount and a term of at least 48 months. For a loan ihv 19000 euros, it is the rule that the term is more than four years. So in the following, the terms "19000 euro loan" and "19000 euro loan" are to be considered as synonyms.

Application for a loan ihv 19000 euro at a german credit institution

You would like to apply for a fair 19000 euro loan at a professional credit institution in germany? Before you put this plan into action, you should first get an overview of the most important basic requirements that must be met by you in order to take out a loan in germany.

List of requirements for taking out a 19000 euro loan

  • You are in possession of a german bank account.
  • You officially live in a municipality of the federal republic of germany.
  • You have the 18. Have reached the age of 18 and are legally capable without restrictions.
  • You reliably pay bills due on time, which is reflected in your SCHUFA score.
  • You can prove you have a steady income.

Employees, salaried employees and civil servants can provide proof of a regular income relatively easily by submitting pay slips, salary statements, bank statements and/or employment contracts. Entrepreneurs, self-employed and tradesmen do not have it so easy here. You have to do some real convincing to get the lender to recognize that you have a regular income.

Documents that business owners and self-employed workers must submit

  • Business analysis (BWA)
  • Income tax assessment notices (for the last two or three years)
  • Supporting documents for other income (if any)
  • Balance sheets (if available)
  • Financial statements (if any)

Credit assessment of commercial credit institutions in germany

If you want to take out a cheap 19000 euro loan from a commercial credit institution in germany, you should not only be familiar with the basic requirements for taking out a loan in germany, but also with the most important criteria that are examined in detail during a conventional credit check.

Is the monthly income sufficient to pay the loan installment?

The first and most important question examined in credit checks by commercial lending institutions is whether the applicant's monthly income is sufficient to pay the loan installment? Should the relevant lender conclude that the regulated income of the potential borrower is sufficiently high, an important criterion per loan approval is fulfilled.

Basically, the higher the monthly income of the applicant, the more likely it is that the loan will be approved. Of course, the monthly rate can be influenced by the extension of the term. Here, however, it should be borne in mind that the longer the term is chosen, the higher the cost of the loan. So using accurate loan calculators is highly recommended!

Is the applicant considered willing to pay according to his SCHUFA data?

Another important question that commercial credit institutions in germany want to answer adequately is: do the SCHUFA data of the applicant allow the conclusion that the same is willing to pay and pays his due bills on time? Should the applicant have a high SCHUFA score, the lender may assume that there is a high willingness to pay, which has a positive effect on the credit rating.

However, if there is a negative SCHUFA entry or if the SCHUFA score is not exactly convincing, german banks are very critical about granting the corresponding loan. As a general rule, a negative SCHUFA is a c.O.-criterion, unless the applicant can offer additional loan collateral.

Important note: before submitting a loan application, be sure to verify that all of your SCHUFA information is correct and that there are no outdated or incorrect entries on your "file"! In this context, make use of the free SCHUFA information that you are allowed to request once a year. By deleting incorrect entries, you can ensure a higher SCHUFA score. And a higher SCHUFA score can mean you can take out a cheaper 19000 euro loan!

Can the potential borrower additionally secure the 19000 euro loan?

Important to know is that commercial lending institutions also look into the question of whether the potential borrower can additionally secure the 19000 euro loan. Both personal and material collateral options are being looked at.

Personal loan collateral includes posting a guaranty and applying for a joint loan with a second borrower. Material loan collateral, also known as real collateral in technical jargon, includes entry in the land register (land charge), mortgage and transfer of ownership by way of security.

Personal loan collateral to secure the 19000 euro loan


In the case of a guarantee, the guarantor stands in for the borrower at the moment when the latter is no longer able to pay his loan installments. If this is specifically a deficiency guarantee, the bank must first have exhausted all foreclosure actions against the actual borrower before turning to the guarantor.

If you apply for a joint loan together with a second borrower, the situation is somewhat different. Because here the co-applicant is from the beginning in the same or similar way as the main applicant in the liability.

Material loan collateral to secure the 19000 euro loan

While with the land charge and the mortgage houses, dwellings, real estates or properties are financially loaded, in order to secure the 19000 euro credit, with the sicherungsubereignung a vehicle is placed as real collateral. Nowadays, land charges are the most common form of collateral for large loans.

Important note: if you already know in advance that with the 19000 euro loan bspw. If you are planning to buy a new car or modernize your property, it is essential that you state the specific purpose of the loan! Because earmarked loans are usually much cheaper than installment loans for free use! Earmarked loans are u.A. Car loans, motorcycle loans, truck loans, renovation loans and modernization loans.

Digital loan ihv 19000 euros with instant decision

In this age of digitization and automation, you want to apply for a loan with instant decision and instant disbursement? No problem! Innovative technologies such as the digital account view, the video-ident-procedure and the digital signature (also qualified electronic signature resp. Called QES) make it possible!

For example, a true digital loan is kredit2day, which you can learn more about here! Quite rightly, this loan can also be called express credit, fast credit, express credit or lightning credit, because the entire credit check is done in real time and the processing can be completely finished in a few minutes!

The fully digital loan with instant disbursement can still be considered exceedingly sustainable, as it is paperless. There is no need to even provide documents via upload, as with the digital account lookup, intelligent software produces an accurate, digital budget calculation, based on which the instant decision is made. You authorize the software to access your account data via PSD2 API. In just a few minutes, this then evaluates your data and gives the green light for loan approval if your credit rating is sufficiently high.

19000 euro credit without SCHUFA

Your SCHUFA score is anything but good and you are about to apply for a 19000 euro loan without SCHUFA at a foreign bank? In general, you have of course the option to take out a SCHUFA-free loan outside of germany. But whether this is such a good idea is questionable here.

The SCHUFA-free loan is also colloquially called "swiss credit. This is due to the fact that swiss financial institutions started to grant loans without SCHUFA to german applicants a few years ago. Even if today it is rather liechtenstein credit institutions that grant such loans, the designation "swiss credit" still persists.

Our clear recommendation: before you search for a loan without SCHUFA, you should again check very carefully whether you can not provide personal or real loan collateral. A "swiss loan" taken abroad is usually much more costly than a conventional installment loan from a german bank!

Creditworthiness check without SCHUFA data query

The fact that foreign credit institutions do not query SCHUFA data in their credit checks does not mean, of course, that no check of the applicant's income situation is carried out. Of course, lenders in other european countries also investigate the question of whether the loan seeker can actually afford the loan. Who has neither a positive SCHUFA nor a sufficiently high, regular income, has no chance to get a fair loan ihv 19000 euro even abroad!

Watch out: pre-cost fraud in the swiss loan ihv 19000 euros!

At this point we would like to emphasize that a swiss loan is not only offered by reputable credit institutions, but unfortunately also by numerous dubious financial service providers and credit brokers. These try, for example, with expensive upfront costs thick cash to make. Please leave the fingers from offers, with which the payment of vorabgebuhren are also in the play! Because here you can assume that someone is trying to pull you over the table!

19000 euro loan from private

Not only banks and commercial credit institutions in switzerland and abroad grant loans, but also private lenders and investors. The private lenders are either known and come from the family environment or they are unknown and are bspw. Found via relevant internet portals.

19000 euro loan from a known private lender

Very happy can be the borrower who can get from a wealthy financier from their own circle of acquaintances an extremely low-interest or even interest-free loan ihv 19000 euros. One should be careful here, however, that the money transfer is not classified by the tax office as a gift. Because if this is the case and the amount of money is above the gift allowance, gift taxes are payable!

Attention should still be paid to the fact that even with this type of loan, a professional written contract forms the basis for the granting of the loan. Otherwise, misunderstandings could arise later, leading to major family discord. This, it applies to exclude from the outset!

Loan ihv 19000 euro from unknown private investors

While the loan from a known private lender can certainly be counted among the cheapest types of credit at all, the loan from unknown private investors generally belongs to the more cost-intensive. This is partly due to the fact that if a loan transaction is successfully concluded, user fees must be paid to the internet portal that was used to find the corresponding private lender(s).

Our conclusion on the 19000 euro loan / 19000 euro credit

Man at the laptop with smartphone in hand, who is just about to apply for a 19000 euro loan

If you want to take out a loan ihv 19000 euro, you should do this from our point of view with a professional german credit institution – if you can not get the amount of money of course from a generous acquaintance at the absolute top interest rate or even interest-free! Even if your creditworthiness is not the best, we recommend that you take care of increasing your own creditworthiness rather than, for example, applying for an expensive loan without SCHUFA abroad.

Very effective means to increase creditworthiness are the personal and factual credit collateral. If you can provide a guarantor or second borrower, or offer real estate or a vehicle as real collateral, your credit score will increase, which will also increase your chances of being able to get a cheap 19000 euro loan!

Written credit agreement with fair clauses

As a general rule, you should make sure that a credit transaction is based on a written credit agreement with fair and clearly worded clauses. Because only if there is a professional contract in written form, inconsistencies and misunderstandings can be excluded from the beginning. Also, a fair credit agreement protects against fraud and rip-offs!

Detailed credit comparison and use of credit calculators

At the end of this post, we again recommend that when looking for a 19000 euro loan, be sure to do a detailed loan comparison and use accurate loan calculators. If you invest the necessary time here, you will be able to find the best and most favorable loan offer!