10000 Euro credit – good financing solution even without schufa


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Author - Jens Menzel

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  • 1. What is a credit without schufa?
  • 2. Dubious credit mediation
  • 3. What is the schufa and what influence does it have??
  • 4. Negative schufa entries
  • 5. For whom is a 10000 euro credit without schufa suitable?
  • 6. What requirements do you have to meet for a 10000 euro credit without credit history?
  • 7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 10000 euro credit without schufa?
  • 8. Find reputable offers for a 10000 euro credit without a bad credit record by comparison
  • 9. How to recognize a reputable provider for a 10000 euro credit without a bad credit record


How do I recognize a serious credit provider? Again and again it happens that people looking for a 10000 euro loan without schufa get to dubious providers.

In most cases, they try to agree on a significantly inflated interest rate and justify this with an allegedly increased risk. In fact, an installment loan of 10000 euros without schufa differs in terms of interest only within reasonable limits from a 10000 euro loan with the involvement of schufa.

From us you will receive a credit 10000 with an unchangeable, lowest possible interest rate. Loans from dubious financing partners are not mediated by us.

Furthermore, we do not charge any upfront fees or try to sell you third-party products. And naturally we do without telephone terror or advertisement in the letter box.

What is the schufa and what influence it has?

Schufa is a german holding company, which has a lot of information about the solvency of private individuals. The term stands as an abbreviation for 'schutzgemeinschaft fur allgemeine kreditsicherung'.

Contract companies such as banks, insurance companies or even telephone companies receive daily up to 350.000 information that allows conclusions to be drawn about the financial situation of private individuals.

They refer them to schufa, which is now estimated to have collected over 750 million individual data for 65 million people. In retrospect, the contractual partners receive so-called score values for this if required, which make statements about the creditworthiness of borrowers with ratings from A to P.

Since german banks are very conservative in granting loans, these entries are particularly important to them and often form the basis of credit checks. Therefore, it is hardly possible to obtain from a german bank, for example, a 10000 euro loan despite bad schufa.

Negative schufa entries

You get a negative schufa entry if you do not meet a binding agreed payment obligation. The prerequisite is that you have received at least two dunning notices, each four weeks apart.

Causes for the entry can be, in addition to unpaid installments, z. B. For a 10000 euro credit, also unfulfilled payment obligations such as the late payment of an electricity bill or an unpaid cell phone bill be. In any case, we recommend that you check your current schufa score at regular intervals.

For this purpose, schufa, as well as other credit agencies, has an annual duty to provide information free of charge. Negative entries must be deleted according to. Law to be deleted after four years at the latest. If you come across an unjustified entry during your check, you can request an immediate deletion.

For whom is suitable a 10000 euro loan without schufa?

Who decides for a schufa-free 10000 euro loan, should be aware in advance of the fact that the interest to be paid for this is usually somewhat higher than the currently about 4-6% interest german banks for a normal loan of 10000 euro.

If you belong to the group of people for whom a 10000 euro credit without credit history is suitable, we will be happy to help you with a comparison of the offers of various providers. It is very important for us to find a favorable and attractive offer for you.

First and foremost, there are three reasons that lead credit seekers to opt for a 10000 euro credit without a bad credit record. The most common reason is that a negative entry in the schufa already exists, which is why the 10000 euro loan without schufa is the only remaining financing solution.

The second most common group of people are credit seekers who need an installment loan over 10000 euros, but for data protection reasons want to avoid that the lender gets insight into their schufa data.

The third common reason is that the 10000 euro loan to be taken should not burden the personal schufa score. However, it should not be forgotten that a 10000 euro loan requires as a prerequisite a sufficiently good credit rating of the customer.

This means in any case a regular income. This excludes housewives, the unemployed and other non- or low-income earners from the granting of a credit without credit history.

What are the requirements you must meet for a 10000 euro credit without credit history?

For a 10000 euro credit without credit history, you should basically be of legal age. The ideal age is between 18 and 60 years. Alternatively, a guarantee is conceivable. A primary residence in germany also has a positive effect for a euro loan 10000 as a prerequisite. You should be a worker, employee or civil servant with a regular monthly income from currently at least 1.130 euros.

In addition, it is important to have your own checking account at a german bank, to which the 10000 euro credit without credit history can be paid after its approval. This then serves at the same time as an account for repayment of future loan installments for the loan 10000. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary that you provide proof of your health status, so that a serious illness can be excluded.

We check in each case for a credit-free euro loan 10000 every condition to find together with you an individual solution that meets your expectations. With a 10000 euro loan we rely on mutual trust without false information.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a 10000 euro credit without a credit history?

Probably the most commonly seen advantage for a credit free 10000 euro loan is to get an installment loan for 10000 euro despite negative schufa entries. In addition, by the 10000 euro loan without schufa your score is not burdened, because the schufa of the loan taken does not know anything. This is especially for normal earners of value, who have a good credit rating despite bad schufaeinkunfte.

In fact, it is often only minor things that lead to negative schufa entries. For example, unpaid fines imposed for allegedly unjustified reports of misdemeanors can lead to a negative schufa entry. This has nothing to do with the creditworthiness of the defendant. Finally, it is certainly also advantageous that a 10000 euro credit without a credit history is not disclosed to your house bank or other agencies.

On the other hand, despite the convincing advantages for a credit free 10000 euro loan, there are also isolated disadvantages, which we would like to reduce or spare you as much as possible. We have already mentioned the increased interest rates for a 10000 euro loan without schufa, for example, which are charged especially by dubious credit brokers extremely excessive. Here we help you for a 10000 euro loan with a comparison of the offers, whereby we do not cooperate with dubious lenders.

Find reputable offers for a 10000 euro credit without a credit history by comparison

Serious offers for a euro credit 10000 without schufa are opposed by numerous diverse dubious offers. This makes it almost impossible for a person looking for a 10000 euro loan without schufa to distinguish between reputable providers and dubious providers without professional help.

This is where our experts come in to give you expert advice on how to get a 10000 euro loan at favorable and fair conditions. For this, we will conduct a detailed 10000 euro loan comparison with you, which is only guaranteed reputable providers. This is how we ensure that the installment loan over 10000 euros does not lead to significant economic disadvantages for you.

How to recognize a reputable provider for a 10000 euro loan without a bad credit record

Dubious providers like to try to wrap up customers with promising words and a nicely packaged offer about a 10000 euro loan. You are also happy to pressure you by telling you that the loan for 10000 requires as a condition that you decide immediately.

If you agree, you should not be surprised, however, if instead of the credit 10000 you only receive a bill, for the payment of which then quite quickly an overpriced collection service is switched on. So beware of such a dubious offer for a 10000 euro loan.

Our foundation is built on safety and trust vs. Security and trust. With us there are no interest rates to marvel at, on the other hand we don't hide our costs either. We always present our offers openly, comprehensibly and transparently. Of course, for a euro loan 10000 we charge a brokerage fee, but only after the contract is signed.

Unserios is also the attempt to couple the 10000 euro loan with an insurance contract. The same applies to overpriced telephone consultations, interest rates that are offered too low or additional consulting and administrative costs that were initially concealed.